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Why Eagle Review?

The easiest way to plan your next hunting or fishing trip.

Millions of Guns and Rods have already used Eagle Review to find their next Hunting or Fishing Trip. 

Simply pick a location, activity, species and season in which you’d like to plan your trip. You can narrow your search or expand it. Through easy to use, highly visual content, and informative reviews, guns/rods can quickly and easily research their next destinations: “Find, Compare, Book, Review”. There are no fees nor commission, Don’t risk being overcharged for your trip.

Transparent and Independent advice

Transparency is important. When booking a trip, people like to feel safe in the knowledge that they are not being miss-sold. You can contact the Host directly through our platform by Email, SMS, and access to their Website and Social Media pages. Eagle Review Receives no commissions or fees from hosts or users. We can therefore give independent and transparent advice based on experience of other users.

A wide choice of destinations

We offer a wide range of possibilities for your next trip. Find, compare, choose and book over 3,600 global fishing, shooting and hunting destinations in over 163 countries with hundreds of species. From remote atolls, dense jungle to luxury country retreats.


How It Works


In virtually every corner of the world. Select your shooting or fishing destination. 


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