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For the gun, rod, angler, hunter:

When finding your next hunting, shooting or fishing adventure, Eagle Review will help you:

There are thousands of worldwide locations to visit, and a vast range of fur, feather and fin species to choose from. There are also many agents, outfitters, guides, consultants, operators and estates selling tailored packages to suit all budgets. If you are looking for a new destination for your next hunting, shooting or fishing adventure there is no escaping from the fact you will have to do lots of legwork. Whether it is a trip of a lifetime, working your way through a bucket list, or you fa, going further afield, you will likely spend countless hours trawling through a multitude of websites before you are able to collate your results and compare.

Not anymore.

Eagle Review is an international review and rating platform for thousands of worldwide shooting and fishing destinations. On the Eagle Review website, you can choose what you want to do and where you want to go. You can compare the destinations and read reviews to find out what other people have said about their experiences before you make your booking.

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We make it easy for you to discover, compare, and book from over 4,600 global fishing, shooting and hunting destinations. From remote atolls, dense jungle, luxury country retreats to a simple weekend trip or last minute local offers.


Read customer reviews of venues. Watch our location videos, the next best thing to being there or simply contact us with venue, expert guide, catering, accommodation, or equipment hire questions and more to make your trip memorable.


Your next shooting and fishing adventure. Contact the venue to book direct.


For a Lodge, Outfitter, Captian, Guide, Professional Hunter, Operator and Estate Owner

Offer on-line booking, get reviews, and keep your business booked, even during low season

Join the largest worldwide hunting, shooting and fishing community

• Connect with our community to boost your enquiries and bookings.

• Online presence across the globe, throughout high and low season.

• Marketing across social media, email and other channels.

Low effort, zero risk

• Quick and easy to set up host profile, with expert help if needed.

• No registration, listing or commission fees.

• Direct contact and payment from your customers.

Ongoing support

• Easy to update account.

• Expert advice from a team of passionate enthusiasts and successful hosts.

• Ability to boost your presence with special offers or specific features.

Go live - quickly

• Complete the host form and your profile will go live once we’ve reviewed your information.

• Great photos and videos are key to an appealing profile - we can help with these.

• Our expert team will ensure your profile is in perfect shape to attract bookings and reviews.

Build your profile

• Start receiving enquiries, reviews and recommendations instantly you go live.

• Encourage your existing clients to leave reviews to help build your presence.

• with an even wider audience through our social media and other channel marketing.

Exclusive marketing

• Our in-house production team can help customers experience your location in a top quality video - the next best thing to being there!

• Alert us to your special offers so we can feature them and help you really stand out.