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Holt’s Auctioneers and Eagle Review join forces for global approach

Holt’s Auctioneers

Holt's are Europe's leading auction house for fine modern and antique guns. They specialise in selling not just individual guns but also in the promotion and marketing of gun collections worldwide. In addition to holding 4 auctions a year in the heart of London, Holt's now offer an online shop bringing you the finest sporting and hunting accessories from around the world! Founder of Holt's Auctioneers, Nicholas Holt, commented: “I founded Holt’s because of a profound love of the sporting world, and the partnership with Eagle Review will further strengthen our international presence.”

Founder of Eagle Review, Coen Stork, added: “Holt’s Auctioneers has an excellent offering of quality sporting products. Eagle Review’s users will benefit from our combined portfolio of sporting travel destinations and high end products.”

For more information, visit www.holtsauctioneers.com

House of Bruar and Eagle Review join forces

House of Bruar

Standing at the gateway to the Scottish Highlands, The House of Bruar has been the destination of choice for country sports enthusiasts for over two decades. Bringing together a rich mix of classic country style and cutting-edge technical clothing, they offer an unparalleled choice for the well-appointed sportsman, delivering quality and value both online and in-store.

Independently owned by a family of keen country sportsmen, The House of Bruar is an immensely rewarding destination for anyone who’s serious about their sport and their ever-expanding website at www.houseofbruar.com makes their unique collection more accessible than ever before.

Founder of Eagle Review, Coen Stork, added: “ The House of Bruar has a broad offering of quality products with a great appeal to an international audience. Eagle Review is one of the fastest growing hunting, shooting and fishing platforms available, ith a world-wide reach of almost one million views in the last four months.