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How to improve your search rankings

How to Improve Your Search Rankings on Eagle Review - Criteria We Consider

Are you ready to drive more traffic to your listing? The best way to increase visibility is through a higher ranking on the Eagle Review search listings. Climbing the ladder is not nearly as difficult as you may think. In fact, we tell you EXACTLY what is needed to rise above the competition.



In most cases, the completeness of your profile is holding back your ability to climb the rankings. Unlike other search engines however, we take out the guesswork and guide you to success. The information required is common and is often at your fingertips, making the entire process painless. It also fills out key points of your profile, increasing your ability to attract and convert customers.

Locate Your Profile for Review

Go ahead and login to your account. Navigate to the top right corner of the page and hover over your account name to generate a dropdown list. Click on “My Listings” to access all of your listings. Most people have a single listing but multiple listing accounts will display each individual listing on the subsequent page as well.


In the listing control panel, each individual listing has an indicator bar under the “Listing Completeness” text to show where you stand. Click on the text to generate a full assessment of your profile completeness.


After clicking “Listing Completeness” the assessment for your profile will trigger. This handy panel tells you exactly where your profile is lacking. Eagle Review requires a complete profile to elevate your rankings. The more you do here, the better you will rank. Take a screenshot or write down the incomplete sections of your profile.

This is also a great time to check your current rankings. Go to the primary search bar on the frontend and type your country, species or method of choice. If you offer a trip specific to hunting or fishing, do the search solely around your pursuit. For example, “Argentina” as a search term will only show operations in the country of Argentina. Locate your listing in the generated results and make a note of the position.



Make Critical Improvements

Now you know your weaknesses and where you currently stand in the rankings. Armed with this powerful knowledge, enter the edit mode on your listing and improve each section to completeness.

Avoid rushing through this process to simply complete your profile for the rankings. QUALITY content is the key to driving new visitors through the sales cycle. Insert your best images, videos and write compelling descriptions and information to really connect with your visitors. A well written profile with high quality media will drive your ranking higher.

Two elements of the profile review are more difficult than the others. The “Recommendations” and the “Reviews” require extra effort to complete and for good reason. They require input from your customers to drive rankings. The review system however is used to distinguish between good profiles and great profiles.

A visitor viewing a profile filled with reviews is far more likely to contact you than one viewing and empty review section. Reviews drive business and we recommend reaching out to your favorite clients to fill out at least the 5 review minimum required to complete your profile. You only stand to benefit by going above and beyond with the reviews. More really are better here.

Check Your Improved Rankings

After making your improvements, wait for a few days while Eagle Review updates the rankings. Return to the main search and enter the exact same keyword search used before. Check the rankings to view your improved status. Your listing has likely climbed higher in the rankings. To continue pushing even higher with your sights on the #1 slot, keep your customers engaged and ask each one for a review after you complete a trip. More reviews and busy profile will help win the top position for your category.

After your rankings climb, maintain your position by continuing the process of encouraging customer reviews and ratings. Consistent feedback and customer input not only helps maintain top level rankings, it shows recency to listing visitors.



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