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Wingshooting is a memorable opportunity to get outside and enjoy some of the freshest wetland air. Many wingshooters invest many hours at a clay shooting range, understanding their shotgun and learning all about ballistics before trying this in-flight challenge.

Wingshooting trips for duck, pigeon, goose, coot, pheasant or any other flying bird species is always a spectacular trip. Whether you are out for a week or only for a day trip, wingshooting is a memorable opportunity to get outside and enjoy some fresh air. To get ready for the real deal, or a trip out for wildfowl game, try a clays shooting course. If you want to get good, grab a few boxes of shells and head to the nearest clay course. With a wide of variety shots presented, a clay course can provide a real challenge to the talented shotgun shooter that is looking for some practice in the sky. Learning the different methods of shooting will always increase a shooter's accuracy- the first steps towards becoming an effective wildfowl hunter. Instinctive, Churchill, swing through or pull through methods are the most common methods when wingshooting. Wingshooting is tough; the prey is spooky and the target always tiny. Find the time to try and experience wingshooting. This is one hunting method you won't want to fly away from!

Bulgaria takes the sport of wingshooting to another level and allows the hunter to hunt pheasant, quail and other upland game birds in a luxurious manner leaving him a finest bird shooting experience he ever had. 

Basic Info

For wingshooting you will need either a double barrel, over-under, single shot, pump action, semi-auto or side-by-side shotgun, depending on the quarry and the shooter’s preference. 12, 20, 28 and .410 gauge shotguns are typical for wingshooting.