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What to do in April

Roe Deer in Hungary

The roe deer season begins on the 15th of April, and the best sport is to be found in the east of the country. Although roe's aren't the biggest species around, they're among the most popular quarries for locals, and if there were prizes for the most beautiful deer, they'd be in many people's top ten. If you book through Eagle Review hosts Pannonvad Hunting you can squeeze in some wild boar hunting too.

If you’ve never travelled to this part of Europe, be prepared for a remarkable landscape littered with castles and charming medieval towns.

Reds, Axis, Pere David and Blackbuck antelope in Argentina

With all the incredible fly fishing and dove shooting available in Argentina, its easy to forget that the big game hunting is pretty spectacular too. Outfitters Argentina Big Game say that they’re famous for their “monster” stags, but they can help you to organise combo hunts to include a range of other species, including Pere David, Axis, Blackbuck antelope and Mouflon.

Turkeys in Ontario, Canada


The turkey season in Ontario runs from March to June, and whether with a bow or a rifle, they can provide some entertaining sport. Eastern Canadian Outfitters, an Eagle Review host, offers guided trips within one hour of Ottawa. They boast a 95% success rate, and can organise a one day hunt including an overnight stay for $350 per person. There's loads of great sport to be had in Ontario, with worldclass fishing a particular draw for many. 


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