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Walk-Up hunting/shooting is known for its simplicity; just walk, search, and shoot. Hunting dogs take the lead while the small, physically fit hunting party follows quickly and closely behind.

Walk-up hunting/shooting is a hunting method that is very popular for hunting birds and other small game such as pheasants, partridge, grouse, quail, rabbit, hare etc. Hunters, in most cases accompanied by pointer or spaniel dogs, walk in a line through game crops, woods, hedgerows to try to flush the game out so they present a nice shot. This type of hunting is a little more economical than driven hunting as it requires a smaller amount of people to flush a smaller amount of game. A nice example of this is the walked up grouse shooting in the United Kingdom; an alternative for more expensive driven grouse shooting.
Walked up shooting is a type of hunting applied all over the world and is one of the most popular methods for bird hunters in Europe and in the United States. Pack a nice pair of hiking boots for these type of hunts, because, although it is very rewarding, it is one of the most physical and exhausting types of hunting there is. Be prepared to work for your game!

Basic Info

For walk-up hunting/shooting you will need either an over-under, single shot, pump action, semi-auto or side-by-side shotgun, depending on the game and shooter’s preference. Shotgun calibers also depend on the type of game and conditions. The most popular calibres range from a .410, 28, 20, 16, 12, 10 gauge.