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Ventosilla Shoot

The owner says

The setting of the estate is incomparable for partridge shooting. It is formed by very undulating and abrupt mountains which provide some of the most challenging partridges in Spain. The partridges are flushed off high hills to produce some stunning bird flights. The changing terrain and topography are by themselves, able to offer a great variety of drives ensuring top quality days of partridge shooting. So great is the movement of the landscape and habitat that the range of drives is unlimited. Actually we have more than 50 different drives. Ventosilla's drives have tested the mettle of history's big shots: kings, prime ministers, Edwardian peers, shooting legends. Ventosilla is a truly spectacular shoot.


Location: Ventosilla is 94 km. away from Madrid and only 20 km. away from the Imperial city of Toledo. The weather is generally pleasant. We have poor rain which usually does not last more than one day.

About your host at Ventosilla Shoot: Antonio Cavero Mitjans, Host. "Ventosilla", with thousands of wild hectares is the most emblematic partridge shooting estate in Spain. The first drive in Spain took place at "Ventosilla" in 1880, organised by our great-grandfather the Duke of Santoña with HRM King Alfonso XII. The Count of Teba, our grandfather continued to hold shoots in the same grand style to the present day. Inspired by his love of the sport and the estate, we- the grandsons- have decided to maintain the tradition on this extraordinary property, which is located in one of the most beautiful landscapes of Toledo, on the banks of the river Tajo. Our clients, come to "Ventosilla" in search of having memorable shooting days with us, and thanks to a high sporting game, beautiful scenery, excellent lunches, a superb wine list, luxurious accommodation, good organisation and a friendly family run atmosphere, they get exactly that.

Game shooting experience at Ventosilla Shoot: Guests meet for breakfast at 9:00h, and then leave the estate home for shooting. We start with three drives, after which we have a break for the "Taco" (picnic) that depending on weather conditions, we have at the borders of Lake Castejon, or in the shooting lodge positioned at the top of a hill, from which you have magnificent views of the estate. After the "Taco" we have another two partridge drives, and we are off for afternoon tea and to get ready for drinks and a formal dinner. Dinner is served in the dining room before resuming the afternoon drives. If guests require a different program we can tailor the schedule to fit our guests` requirements. We guarantee you will have unforgettable memories of your stay with us. Click here for quick link country guide.

Planning your trip to Ventosilla Shoot

Upcoming availability: Season starts on October 1st and ends on February 28th. When the hunting season is over Ventosilla is available for Bird-watching groups in the borders of the marshes of the Lake Castrejon as well as any other corporate activities. Please contact the host for more information.

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Accommodation: The palace is unique. You cannot find any other place which is comparable, all around the countryside in Spain.  Click here to view your accommodation. Please contact the host to book your accommodation.

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Red-legged partridge
Red-legged partridge

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Driven birds


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