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"Wildfowling is a hunting tradition full of great migrations, serene landscapes and many lifelong memories. Combining ballistics, stalking and natural instincts, wildfowling is a challenging hunt defined as much more than a simple afternoon outing."

As the sun rises, a waterfowl hunter and his partner, a retrieving dog set up a simple blind and decoys. It is an exciting trip hunting for birds in their natural habitat. Calling in the birds with perfect pitched calls will bring the quarry in for the challenging wildfowl outing. Estuaries, ponds, lakes, swamps and rivers are key areas to set up a ground blind and wait for the geese or ducks to move in their habitual patterns to and from feeding and roosting grounds. Corn or other crop fields are also common areas to find the birds as they search for easy food. Wildfowling hunts are typically set around sunrise and sunset for optimal shooting chances. Though finding the right location, blending into the surroundings and calling the wildfowl into range is a major part of wildfowling, understanding the ballistics to have an accurate shot is also an absolute essential to bagging bountiful quarry. Wildfowl are savvy game, capable of seeing colors, unusual objects and spook easily. Considered one of the most challenging sports, wildfowling will test any anxious hunter with the many elements of its exciting hunt. It's a 'must try' for every sportsman!

Basic Info

For wildfowling you will need either a double barrel, over-under, single shot, pump action, semi-auto or side-by-side shotgun, depending on the wildfowl and the shooter’s preference. 8, 10, and 12 gauge shotguns are typical for wildfowling.


Wildfowlers will need a set of decoys and calls specific to the day’s quarry, a retrieving dog,  sometimes a portable ground blind, boat blind or camo cover, plenty of cartridges, high-quality binoculars, comfortable waterproof boots and or chest waders


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