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Stalking, Bowhunting, Driven big game, Safari, Hunting from a Blind

Clear, crisp air keeps the morning breaths of the Tsessebe antelope fresh with no scent of a predator detected.

Hunters creep softly, quietly, and with caution across a grassy open field closer to the fastest antelope species Africa offers, the common Tsessebe.

You wouldn't think by looking quickly at a Tsessebe that it can race up to 80 km/hr away from attacking predators. They can reenact an African version of a wild car race any day.

Also commonly referred to as Topi, this antelope is built with large, rugged shoulders, long, lean hindquarters and a shortened, skewed-looking face. Both male and females carry impressive horns, with males weighing slightly more than females on average.

Hunting for Tsessebe requires a lot of distant glassing and steady stalking. Tsessebe will bolt when fearing a predator but will commonly stop, not too far from where they began their gallop, and check again to see what it is running away from.

Tsessebe are a dream hunt for every trophy safari hunter, a 'must' to add to the list!

Basic Info

Scientific name: Damaliscus lunatus

Size: height: 120 cm

Weight: males 137 kg, females 120 kg

Speed: 80 km/h – Fastest African Antelope

Lifespan: 15 years

Methods: Bow hunting, Hunting from a blind, Safari, Driven big game, Highseat, Stalking,

Continent(s): Africa – primarily Angola, Zambia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, South Africa