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Top Roe Deer Stalking Spots in UK

“The Roe deer radar-like ears can pick up the thud of a clumsy footstep, and send them running like devils across the land.”

The United Kingdom is home to some of best Deer Stalking in the world, and there is no finer sport than stalking the elusive Roe Deer. Pitting your wits against a wild animal in its home environment provides a thrilling challenge and, is guaranteed to get you pulse racing.

Roe deer are the smallest of the British native deer species, and they thrive in a wide variety of habitat across Britain. They are shrewd and highly adaptable and are experts of camouflage.

The cunning Roe deer will provide one of the most challenging and intense stalks you are ever likely to experience. Try outwitting this wily beast in its own territory early in the morning as dawn breaks or in the evening before sunset. The stalk demands the field craft of a time-served deerstalker who reads the land, silently guiding you closer to your chosen beast. As you stealthily stalk in, one poorly placed footstep can betray your position. The sound of your heart beating in your chest is amplified as you settle in, control your breathing and squeeze the trigger.

Basic Info

Open hunting seasons for Roe Deer in England and Wales:

- Male (Buck) 1st April – 31st October

- Female (Doe) 1st November – 31st March


- Male (Buck) 1st April – 20th October

- Female (Doe) 21 October – 31st March


You will need a .243 rifle . This is often referred to as the ‘estate rifle’ and will be supplied with ammunition by the deer stalker or the estate. You will be expected to demonstrate your shooting accuracy before you go stalking.