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Top Red Deer Stalking Spots in Scotland

"The century old history and tradition of Stalking is the best way to discover the country of Scotland and its wildlife"

Scotland takes you on a journey to landscapes of out-of- this-world nature, where the Highlands peak with colossal mountains and suddenly, drop into a deep valley of barren land. Deer graze undisturbed, deserted in the wilderness that is Inverness. This destination brings the
blood boiling satisfaction of deer stalking together with the hard and fast-paced rush of bird shooting. This old tradition of stalking relies on reading the wind and patience of approaching the species, which can take you crawling through bushland or hiking the Highland. Stalking is more than a hunting method, it is the essence of hunting. Stalking requires patience, stamina and good feel for the surroundings- sometimes requiring the hunter to be flat and low, crawling on hands and knees to get closer to the game. Reading signs such as antler rubs, broken branches or ruffled, nested vegetation assists hunters in finding the game by calculating where to cautiously go next. Almost all species require some form of stalking used.

Basic Info

For Red Deer stalking you need a durable lightweight rifle or gun with a scope and that is easy to carry around through thick brushes, uneven terrain. Calibres should have a steady trajectory and large enough to dop down a mature stag ( .243 win - 30-.06) . bipods or shooting sticks allow hunters to increase the steadiness of the shooter and increase the range of a well placed shot. A pair of good binoculars or rangefinder also comes in hady when stalking in the Highlands of Scotland.