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Stalking, Bowhunting, Driven big game, Safari, Hunting from a Blind


Springbok, also called as springbuck is a elegant african antelope with a medium size stature. Springbok is a native to South Africa and Southwest Africa country regions. They're generally found in open regions near dry lands and bushes. Springbok mainly depend on grasses and bushes around and don't even drink water! Springbok is one of the most sought after trophy hunt in Eastern Cape region of South Africa. If you like accuracy and distance, it's time to think about a springbok safari. Springbok are one of the most talked about treasures of Africa. 

Springbok Hunting in South Africa

Springbok Hunt occurs in mostly sub-regions of South Africa and they're are profoundly active in Eastern Cape and Limpopo province of South Africa. Springbok is a national animal of South Africa and roams freely in a herd. Hunting sprinbok requires extreme patient and the hunter may need to crawl along with walk and stalk in order to assure the hunting trophy. The hunter should stay within a distance of 299 yards in order to accompalish a successful springbok hunt. South Africa offers year round hunting season for springbok hunt. However hunting occurs most actively during the May-August month times.

Springbok Hunting Methods

A springbok hunt can be successfully carried out with any of the hunting methods:

  • Stalking

  • Safari Style Hunting

  • Hunting with Black Powder

  • Bow-hunting

  • Rifle-hunting

  • Bow-hunting

Among all the hunting methods, bow-hunting is one of the most recommended method to bag a successful springbok hunt here in South Africa. Remember, springbok is medium sized antelope and can ran away if you're hunting it with a lighter bow-hunting set up. We recommend using heavy bow-hunting setup while going for a springbok hunt. Also keep your shot placement in such a way that you're able to aim the shoulder center of the springbok generally 1/3rd portion of the body. With this hunting tactic you won't miss this premier hunting species of South Africa.

Hunting Springbok in Texas

Over the burned orange hills and down the golden valleys, the Texas hunting grounds are popular worldwide for its excellent abundance of plains game and big game hunts. Approximately 97% of Texas is privately owned which means more if not all prized hunting lands are fenced. This population control grows trophies of countless worth with multiple plains game and big game hunts species including huge deer as well as gemsbok, turkeys, quail, and feral hogs. The populations are ever-growing with a promising future for hunting, along its pride are whitetail deer, of which there are around 4 million just in Texas. The hunts are carried out in hunting ranches where you'll be guided by a professional hunting guide and all arrangements of your hunting trip can be done by hunting outfitter. Just like in South Africa, Springbok is also one of the most sought after hunts in Texas and hunters travel year here from different parts of the world to hunt with beautfiul game.

Although springbok originates from South Africa but its wild game hunting is done throughout in Texas. Texas is the perfect destination for hunting and offers a wide variety of plains game and big game hunting opportunities. It is home to many wild and enormous animals and allows the hunter to harvest and hunt the beautiful plains game hunt- Springbok. The hunting of Sprinbok can be done by any hunting method preferable by the hunter. Most common hunting methods to carry out various hunts succssfully in Texas are:

  • Stalking: a traditional hunting method

  • Bow Hunting: hunting with a bow

  • Hunting with Black Powder

  • Rifle Hunting

  • Safari Hunting

  • Hunting with Handgun

The hunting of this remarkable plains game hunt, Springbok is done throughout the year in Texas with no seasonal restrictions. Feel free to ask any queries regarding sprinbok hunting permits, laws and related information about your hunt to your hunting outfitter so that they can plan a great hunting trip for you! Apart from springbok game hunts, Texas also offers the finest:

  • Whitetail Deer Game Hunt: most sought after hunting species in Texas

  • Javelina Game Hunt

  • Mule Deer Game Hunt

  • Turkey Game Hunt

  • Axis Deer Game Hunt

  • Blackbuck Antelope Game Hunt

  • Texas Aoudad Sheep Game Hunt

  • Zebra Game Hunt


Basic Info

Scientific name: Antidorcas marsupialis

Size: height 71 – 86 cm

Weight: 27 – 42 kg

Lifespan: 9 years

Methods: Bow hunting, Hunting from a blind, Safari, Driven big game, Highseat, Stalking,

Continent(s): South and southwestern Africa