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Stalking, Driven big game


Zebra is a popular species belonging to the horse family. They're specifically characterised by their white and black strips on all over their body. The basic nature of zebra is quite social and they roam in herds everywhere. There are basically six species of zebras, namely:

  • Burchell's Zebra

  • Grant's Zebra

  • Selous's Zebra

  • Maneless Zebra

  • Crawshay's Zebra

  • Chapman's Zebra

Zebras are found throughout in regions where there is abundance of grasslands, woodlands or thorny forests. They're also encountered in mountaineous and coastal regions. 

All you need to know before going for a zebra hunt

An outstanding runner, darting, galloping, rocketing across dusty, sun-soaked tuffs of grassland, blending with the dizzy, moving pattern of other zebras in its small harem is a true hunting trophy species, an African treasure on the run. Stalking small harems, or small herds consisting of one stallion and a family of mares is best at a slow pace and with caution when hunting on open plains or near water.

Zebra hunting is generally divided between two subspecies, the plains and the mountain zebras. They are very similar, with mountain zebras having an unusual neck conformation called a dewlap. Mountain zebra, as the name suggests specifies that the equus subspecies is native to mountainous terrain throughout Namibia, South Africa and southern Angola and is a slightly smaller, hardier zebra to a Plains zebra. Stalking for your first zebra hunt is a great step in learning how to hunt Africa's big, plains game. A fun test of all hunting skills for both amateur and professional.

If you're interested in hunting for a specific species of zebra, then you need to check out with your hunting outfitter first. Most hunting outfitters don't specy the specific species you're going to target in your zebra hunt. For some of the best zebra hunts you can plan your hunting trip to:

  • South Africa: South Africa offers the finest hunting opportunities for trophy zebra hunts. South Africa has the perfect hunting land where you can hunt Burchell's Zebra, Chapman's Zebra, Hartmann's Mountain Zebra and Cape Mountain Zebra.

  • Botswana: Botswana is another great zebra hunting country where you can engage yourself  in the thrill of zebra hunts. Also, Botswana offers excellent Burchell's Zebra hunts. The trophy hunts are carried out in private hunting zones owned by the hunting outfitters.

  • Tanzania: Tanzania offers excellent zebra hunting opportunities. Please check with your hunting outfitter about your zebra species as generally they don't define the zebra species for your hunt. If you're looking for a great Grant's Zebra hunt then you should consider Tanzania as your next hunting trip. 

  • Zambia: Zebra hunting opportunities in Zambia are quite moderate. You can hunt the Grant's or Crawshay's Zebra in Zambia.

Other countries to consider for great zebra hunts are: Mozambique, Namibia and Zimbabwe. The recommended hunting methods for your next zebra hunt are listed below:

  • Stalking: a traditional hunting method

  • Driven Big Game Hunting: Driving big game is a method of hunting used for a variety of species. Deer, bison, antelope, boar, bush-pig and many, many more species are successfully hunted with strategic drives. Experienced drivers know where to push, and where to hold; dividing drivers from shooters, also known as standers, to best sift through the landscape for the hunt.

Texas is well famed for offering the finest trophy hunting opportunities for exotic: sheep, plains game: whitetail deer and big game: zebra hunting species. Zebra is among the most sought after trophy hunt of Texas. The hunting of zebra is done mainly throughout the season and the hunt is carried out by mostly stalk and walk hunting methods. Other hunting methods to win a great hunting trophy in Texas are listed below:

  • Stalking, a traditional hunting method

  • Bow Hunting

  • Rifle Hunting

  • Hunting with Blackpowder

  • Safari 

  • Handgun Hunting

  • Hunting from Blinds

If you're looking for a great trophy hunt for zebra, then your search will end right here in Texas. This is the hunting destination where you can hunt and harvest the zebra year round with no seasonal hunting restrictions. You'll always be guided by a professional hunting guide.

Basic Info

Varieties: Plains Zebra, Mountain Zebra

Scientific name: Equus quagga

Size: height: 1.2 – 1.3 m, length 2 – 2.6 m

Weight: 350 kg

Lifespan: 25 years

Hunting Methods: Bow hunting, Hunting from a blind, Safari, Driven big game, Stalking,

Continent: Africa