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Hunting trips in South Africa: known for stalking range of fascinating native game and untamed yellowfin tuna

South Africa is a great country for a variety of hunting and fishing trips. If one is lucky enough to observe the slow pondering wild cat that is the leopard, surprisingly bigger and more imposing in real life, brace yourself and beware when hunting one. An exhilarating experience hardly replicated anywhere else.

The leopard is not endangered in certain areas and provides a thrilling and arduous 14-21 day safari, strained and wrapped around baiting and tracking this magnificent example of the luxury game species choice in South Africa. The Kalahri area is habitat to many big trophies such as the zebra, blue wildebeest, springbok and kudu among so many others. The parched mountains are drowned in warm dunes; an environment of stillness and blush skies quickly transforms into the most fantastic display of the power of earth in storms and gushing waters.

This environment is never dull, and always different. Under this dramatic scene, fling at the robust yellowfin tuna found off the Southern Cape Coast or the indomitable big eye tuna, a strong opponent as it’s found in depths of 500 to 1000m. Catfish tend to settle comfortable along the Orange River, and the popular brown and rainbow trout offer excellent fly-fishing on the Eastern Cape, introduced in the 19th century.

note: The Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) confirmed that a zero quota for the hunting of leopard (Panthera pardus) has been extended to 2017 in South Africa.

South Africa is ideal for the perfect hunting and fishing trip.

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