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Siberia Ambiental

The owner says

La comarca de la Siberia y comarcas limítrofes, están situadas en una zona cinegética por excelencia, zona de caza desde hace muchos años y que eran visitadas por nobles y reyes para disfrutar de la caza.

En nuestra empresa es una de las actividades más importantes, contamos con una gran experiencia en la organización de eventos cinegéticos.
Para la organización de estos eventos colaboramos con las mejores fincas y orgánicas de la comarca de La Siberia y otras partes de España.


Location: Siberia Ambiental is a private environment management company based in Badajoz, Spain.

About your host at Siberia Ambiental: Vanessa Barba Fernandez, Co-Founder. Siberia Ambiental is a private company belonging to the company VOMFELD 2017 SL. (VF).  Its main activity is environmental management and the organization of events related to the natural environment. Siberia Ambiental offers services of integral management of the natural environment in a wide area of ​​the Spanish geography, but with a framework of action very focused on the Autonomous Community of Extremadura. In addition, together with VF-Marketing, Advertising and Communication , commercial activities, online marketing and content preparation are carried out for companies related to the hunting and rural sector that need it, helping their products to be known inside and outside borders. of its area of ​​action. The team consists of professionals from the environment, tourism and communications, and is endorsed by a great experience.  The principles of this company are the passion for nature, the professionalism of its team, the quality of its services, ethics and commitment to sustainable development.

Hunting experience at Siberia Ambiental: In our company, the hunting activity is one of the most important activities. We have a great experience in the organization of hunting events. For the organization of these events we are in close collaboration with the best farms and organic. If you like to understand everything related to hunting, this is your place. We can offer you multiple activities related to hunting; management, gastronomy, observation, photography. Do not deprive them! We offer two types of hunts, namely: Major Hunt and Small Hunt. Some of the species we target are fallow deer, roe deer, mountain goat, mouflon sheep and wild boar. Click here for quick link country guide.

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Roe deer
Roe deer
Mountain goat
Mountain goat
Red deer
Red deer
Fallow deer
Fallow deer
Mouflon sheep
Mouflon sheep
Wild boar
Wild boar

Bow hunting
Bow hunting
Driven big game
Driven big game
Hunting from a blind
Hunting from a blind


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27 Jan 2016


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