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Driven birds, Walked Up, Wildfowling

Most people consider snipe hunting as a term describing a ridiculous, unachievable task- you don't go snipe hunting! But beyond public lore, the small, wetland bird is known throughout North America, Europe and Asia as a very difficult bird to hunt for. Their erratic, zig-zag fly pattern when in distress makes them a difficult shot, challenging the most talented waterfowl hunter. It is said that British soldiers capable of shooting sniper coined the term “sniper” when referencing a sharp-shooter, or someone so skilled in shooting that they are able to routinely hit a flying sniper, zipping away in their wooded, brushy habitat. With a long, slender bill, snipe graze through wet soil in search of small worms and insect life. Their plumage varies with the different species throughout the world but is mainly comprised of light tans and dark brown speckled feathering. Dozens of snipe can be driven out of a bog or marshy wetland with skilled, silent drivers. Shooter or Hunter must be patient as the first snipe fly out above the brush and into view, where only seconds yield a quality shot of the small, elusive birds.

Hunting for snipe is one of the most sought after outdoor activities in Florida. The hunting season for high zig zag pattern flying game bird in Florida begins from 1st November and runs till 15th February. The hunter need to keep in mind when hunting snipe game bird in Florida:

  • The hunter needs to understand that snipe is a small bird and are found most of the time in muddy areas with wet dark soil. This is where snipe feed on worms by penetrating their long peak in the wet soil and gupling them down. So the hunter need to find the right hunting habitat to hunt snipe and bring the game down

  • Wearing the right outfit is the first step of targeting a game hunt, same thing holds for snipe as well. Make sure you wear waterproof boots, a camouflage pant along with a game vest which can be used to carry all your hunting  equipment and deliver you a great snipe hunting experience.

  • Snipe fly in a zig zag pattern, so continue to keep an eye on the bird until it falls to the ground. This way the hunter can increase his chances for a great snipe hunt.

Basic Info

Scientific name: Gallinago gallinago

Size: wingspan: 44-47 cm

Weight: 80-140g

Lifespan: 9.5 years

Methods: Wildfowling, Wingshooting, Driven birds, Walk-up

Countries: North America, Eurasia, South America, Europe and Africa