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Stalking, Highseat, Bowhunting, Hunting from a Blind

Getting into range to target a stocky red wild Rusa buck, sometimes getting only as close as a several hundred meters, and bringing down a nice looking buck with a well-prepared rifle can really get the red blood pumping. Bushwhacking through dense blankets of fern or other underbrush and walking up to where you get a chance to hunt at a Wild Rusa, also commonly referred to as Javan, Timor or Sunda sambar deer requires a calm, focused shot, using all senses to confidently bring down a Rusa. Rusa are a particularly wild red hardy species of deer, living through a variety of climates, particularly hot, humid and extremely dry places. Spot-and-stalk, stalking and high seat methods are all valuable variations to hunting for Wild Rusa. Rusa are a privileged, trophy hunt for hunters across the islands of southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Glassing for them early evening and morning hours as they are semi-nocturnal is best. Sometimes you will see a buck wallow, bringing plant vegetation around his antlers to potentially frighten off other stags.

The hunter can make use of following hunting methods in order to hunt this remarkable big game:

  • Stalking: a tradition method of walking and stalking your red game hunt

  • Bow Hunting: Waiting patiently for your red rusa buck to turn and targeting the hunt at the right time with the bow

  • Highseat: A hunting method in which you wait for your red big game to turn up and hunt it at the right time

  • Hunting from a Blind: In this hunting method you hunt the red big rusa buck fallow with the help of blinds.


Basic Info

Scientific name: Rusa timorensis 

Size: height: 110 cm

Weight: 135 kg

Lifespan: 20 years

Methods: Bow hunting, Hunting from a blind, Highseat, Stalking

Continent(s): South East Asia, Australia