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Stalking, Bowhunting, Highseat

Roe Deer ( Genus Capreolus )

Like an expert angler, using polarized glasses and scanning beneath the water before making a cast, glassing for roe hunt is the first part of shooting. Roe deer are petite, undetectable hunting species, but like a young lover, completely ignorant to everything when they are in the rut. The male roe deer is known as a buck and the female one is called doe. The piquant roe deer is native to the United Kingdom and is diversely found in woodlands, farmlands and high grassland habitats - some of the natural hunting habitats.

Stalking days for roe deer can take place in fields or forest and the hunt is best between the daylight hours of 10 and 5 or 6 pm. The dark morning hours make stalking hunt a bit difficult of this small deer species. They are fairly silent in their movements and activities compared to other species. Ideally, on a wild roe hunt , you have weather conditions welcoming roe deer movement and perfect visibility. Warmer, clear weather brings a better rut; the conditions help carry the stags' calls further and triggers a roe deer stalking activity to be more energetic- and also more care-free and oblivious. Other stalking, a roe deer hunt is done with the high seat hunting method. Hunting of roe deer can also be done by some hunting methods listed below:

  • Bow-hunting

  • High seat

  • Hunting from Blind

Roe deer, also called roebuck is a little and elegant member of the Eurasian deer breed. There are two species of roe deer, namely:

  • Western Roe Deer or European Roe Deer

  • Siberian Roe Deer

Siberian roe deer, a native to the western, European roe are slightly larger in stature and its hunts occur in countries such as Russia and Mongolia. These wild hunt trophies species are well conformed to cold environments. Roe deer hunt is known to be a profound hunting trophy and roe hunts are mainly done in following hunting regions:

  • Northern Europe

  • Southern Spain

  • Central Asia

A roe deer stalking trip to Scotland is in the bucket list of every passionate hunter as it is one of the most sought after hunting trophies. 

Some great roe deer hunting destinations

The roe deer hunts are done mainly in all of European countries exception being Ireland, Iceland, Greece and Southern Spain. If you're looking for a great roe deer hunt, then you should consider following countries for a great roe deer trip:

  • England: England has some of the largest estate which offer a great roe deer hunt. Raby in Northern England offers a great roe deer hunt. The hunts are guided and executed by professional game headkeepers. The roe buck hunts are carried out by stalking and high seat hunting techniques, stalking being a primary hunt activity. You can also enjoy great wild boar hunting days in England.

  • France: Roe Deer Hunting is done exclusively in many hunting districts of France. The perfect season to hunt a roe deer in France runs from beginning of June till August. The roe deer hunts are carried out with the help of stalking, bow-hunting, high seat and hunting from blind hunting techniques.

  • Serbia: If you're searching for a big roe deer hunt, then your search ends here. The Vojvodina region of Serbia offers a great terrain to go for roe deer hunts. The active hunting season for roe buck hunts in Serbia runs from mid of April till September.

  • Scotland: Scotland is the perfect destination to go for high quality roe deer hunting days. Ellon region of Scotland depicts a great roe deer population. The roe deer trophy hunting period begins in the month of May and awards the hunter several rewards if they bag a good hunt. Apart from great stalking and roe deer hunting days, Scotland also offers premier pigeon and partridge shooting. 

  • Kazakhstan: The terrain of Kazakhstan offers the finest mountain hunting experience. The Ibex is one of the most sought after hunt of Kazakhstan with excellent trophy quality. The best time to hunt and win a ibex trophy is between September and October and the hunting season begins from 15th August and runs till December. You'll be accompanied by a horse when hunting the ibex in mountains. This would  help you in grazing the mountain steep easily and look for potential hunting areas. In additon to ibex hunting, Kazakhstan also offers the finest roe deer hunting opportunities in its terrain.

Basic Info

Scientific name: Capreolus capreolus

Size: height: 65 – 75 cm, length: 95 – 135 cm

Weight: 15 – 35 kg

Lifespan: 7 years

Methods: Bow hunting, Hunting from a blind, Driven big game, Highseat, Stalking

Continent(s): Eurasia