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Stalking, Bowhunting

Thousands of animals may roam an African savannah but few stand out so strongly and uniquely as the rhinoceros.

The thick-skinned, startling quick, world wonder is a dashing sight to see in the wild. Spending much of the time grazing on grass and seed, both during the daytime and at night, rhinoceros can be spotted out in the open or near a body of water.

With less than great eyesight, rhinos are dependent on strong hearing and smelling abilities, stay upwind for the best defense against detection.

Bulls are extremely territorial, marking and patrolling his territories boundaries frequently; a dangerous line to cross if the wind shifts away from your favor.

Besides human pressure, rhinoceros have no natural predators and are only suspicious of people. That being said, bring your best camouflage- female herds, or crashes are keen at detecting suspicious movement and rogue, independent bulls when near are very aggressive.

Basic Info

Varieties: White Rhinoceros , Black Rhinoceros

Scientific name: Rhinocerotidae

Size: height: 1;6-1.9 m

Weight: white 2.3 tons, black 0.8 – 2.4 tons

Lifespan: 35-50 years

Methods: Bow hunting, Safari, Stalking

Countries: Africa