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Stalking, Bowhunting, Driven big game, Safari, Hunting from a Blind

As the sun shifts its hues from bright yellow to orange, than to a myriad of warm reds, the Reedbuck moves out of their protective thicket into grass clearings to graze. Using night-time as their security system against predators, Reedbuck sneak, sometimes alone, sometimes in small groups or pairs. Each subspecies of this attractive, medium-sized Antelope behaves a little bit different. Mountain, Bohor, and southern Reedbucks have adapted to their individual habitats and are all found in southern, eastern and central Africa. Southern Reedbuck is most commonly hunted as they are the biggest Reedbuck subspecies. Males carry trophy horns over 30 cm long, curving slenderly backwards and up. Though they are spooky and suspicious, walk-and-stalk methods with your favourite bow or rifle will do the trick. Know where the local waters source is and begin to look for signs of Reedbuck from there. It is a perfect safari hunt with as many challenges as rewards. Good eating, too!

Basic Info

Varieties: Mountain Reedbuck, Bohor Reedbuck, Southern Reedbuck

Scientific name: Redunca

Size: height male 75 – 89 cm, female 69 – 76 cm

Weight: male 43 – 65 kg, female 35 – 45 kg

Lifespan: 14 years

ethods: Bow hunting, Hunting from a blind, Safari, Driven big game, Highseat, Stalking,

Continent(s): Central, southern and Sub-Saharan Africa