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Pheasant Shooting Season in the UK

Pheasant shooting season: the guide

Here is our guide to the pheasant season to help you know when you can shoot for pheasant. When the pheasant season starts, to when the pheasant shooting season ends. Our guide covers local laws and other useful information. Also take a look at our species pages to find some of the best pheasant shoots.


Pheasant shooting seasons UK

The pheasant shooting season in the UK is different for England, Scotland, Wales Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man. Here are the key season dates:

  • Pheasant shooting season in England, Scotland and Wales starts on 1st October and ends on the 1 February.Pheasant shooting season in Northern

  • Ireland and the Isle of Man starts on 1st October 1 and ends on the 31 January.


Remember dates can vary by owners and local by laws, so always check with the venue that you plan to visit before booking your trip.


Pheasant shooting on Sundays and Christmas Day in England, Wales and Northern Ireland

  • No pheasant may be shot or taken on Sunday or Christmas Day in England and Wales.

  • In Northern Ireland it is an offence to shoot pheasant on a Sunday but there is no restriction against shooting pheasant on Christmas Day, so long it does not fall on a Sunday. It is however customary not to do so.

  • That means if the season starts on a Sunday as it did with the pheasant shooting season 2017 you will have to wait an extra day! Fortunately that means the pheasant shooting season 2018 starts on a Monday.


Pheasant shooting on Sundays and Christmas Day in Scotland

  • There are no legal restrictions on the shooting of pheasant on Sunday or Christmas Day in Scotland but again it is not customary to do so.


Pheasant shooting on Sundays and Christmas Day in the Isle of Man, Guernsey and Jersey

  • Isle of Man and Jersey. The shooting of pheasant is not permitted on Sunday. There are no restrictions on shooting on Christmas Day unless it falls on a Sunday.

  • Guernsey. Pheasant shooting is not permitted on Sunday or Christmas Day.


Pheasant shooting season UK guide


Night Shooting for pheasant in the UK

The shooting of pheasant at night is not permitted!  Night is defined as between one hour after sunset until one hour before sunrise.



Game licenses to kill or take pheasant are not required in the UK. You will of course require a gun licence.


Finding the right venue

Whether you like walked up or rough shooting, driven birds, extreme pheasants or birds closer to earth, don’t forget to check out our location and method guides and read reviews of venues from people who have actually been there.


Pheasant shooting UK – quick links by method:

Driven pheasant shooting

Walked up pheasant shooting


Pheasant shooting UK – quick links venue by country:

Pheasant shooting England

Pheasant shooting Scotland

Pheasant shooting Wales

Pheasant shooting Northern Ireland


And finally

We are seeing some great new initiatives such as Game to Eat and the British Game Alliance. New initiatives dedicated to increasing the eating and enjoyment of British wild game. What’s more they have some great pheasant recipes.

For all those guns looking forward to the pheasant shooting season 2018 we would also encourage you to read Code of Good Shooting Practice, by the Countryside Alliance.


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