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Wildfowling, Driven birds, Walked up, Wingshooting, Hunting from a Blind

Duck hunting- it's all in the ballistics. Is the duck incoming? Overhead? What's the wind like? How fast is the duck flying? How far up is he? How well do you know your gun? Sure hope you do! Here they come! Not to alarm you, but duck hunting can be as tactical as one of Napoleon's greatest strategies. A quarry with many die-hard enthusiasts and just as many experts in the subject, there is a plethora of ways to hunt for duck- be it for mallard, southern, canvasback, pochard, or one of the many other species found across the world.

Becoming a better duck or waterfowl hunter takes time and isn’t a easy overnight process. One has to deeply examine and understand different aspect of duck hunts to excel at it. Given below are some interesting duck hunting steps for the novice hunters given by experienced waterfowl master guides:

  • Duck Calling

  • Shooting

  • Scouting the big picture

  • Creating Motion in the Decoys

Duck hunting is done through following hunting techniques:

  • Jump Shooting

  • Pass Shooting

  • Hunting over decoys - the classic waterfowl hunting method!

Whether hunting out of a sled, pit, boat or blind, with or without a duck-caller, an effective duck hunt starts in an area frequented by ducks. Ducks are attracted to groups of ducks and will fly in to land near the other ducks (decoys), giving you time to react, respond, and shoot. All duck species depend on water systems such as ponds, lakes and rivers that provide for them vegetation, insects, small fish and amphibians to feed on and protected nesting areas.

Hunting Duck in Uruguay: Uruguay is a world famous destination for waterfowl hunting and a mecca for duck hunters who visit here from different parts of the globe. The variety of perdiz is amazing and the hunting is done in luxury lodges with the same lucracy as Argentina. The hunting lodge manager will not only arrange a perfect duck hunting trip for you but also ensure the finest travelling arrangements, comfy accommodation and serving the delicious cuisine of Uruguay. The perfect time to visit Uruguay and go for a duck hunt is during the months of May, June, July and August respectively. 

Hunting Duck in Northern Ireland: Northern Ireland shivers its visitors with eerie shore cliffs and absolutely isolated fields inhabited only by solitary winds. A fantastic location for driven shooting, the winds place the bird directly in your tracks and add speed for that extra kick. Through the Valleys of Slieve Beagh towards the midlands, there's a wide selection of prime bird shooting spots, each better than the next. Make sure your shotgun is clean and clear, you'll need it in pristine condition for the constant flush of pheasant, partridge and duck shooting that zoom past on each drive in Northern Ireland. Shooting duck in Northern Island is a great experience with availability of excellent population available. The best season for shooting in Northern Ireland runs from 1st September onwards and runs till Jan end. 

Hunting Duck in England: Apart from great deer stalking, the wildfowl game is another excellent outdoor activity to enjoy in England. The population of ducks is simply amazing attracting passionate wildfowl game hunters in England every season. England offers following hunting opportunities for following subspecies of ducks:

  • Gadwall Ducks

  • Goldeneye Ducks

  • Mallard Ducks

  • Pintail Ducks

  • Pochard Ducks

  • Scaup Ducks

  • Shoveler Ducks

  • Teal Ducks

  • Wigeon Ducks

The best season for hunting ducks in England begins from 1st September onwards and runs till 31st January.

Basic Info

Varieties: Mallard, Southern Pochard, White Faced Duck, Wigeon, South African Shelduck, Teal, Yellowbilled Duck

Scientific name: Anas platyrhynchos

Size: length: 50 – 65 cm, wingspan: 81 – 98 cm

Weight: 0.7 – 1.6 kg

Lifespan: 3 years 

Methods: Falconry, High volume shooting, Hunting from a blind, Wildfowling, Wing shooting, Driven birds, Walked Up

Countries: All over the world, expect Antarctica