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Hunting trips in New Zealand: known for

A fantasy landscape where you can bag the trophy of your dreams

The landscape of New Zealand was made famous by the Lord of the Rings films, but in the hunting community this land has been a Mecca for some time. As with New Zealand’s famously huge brown and rainbow trout, many of the quarry species in New Zealand were introduced, and like the fish, they’ve prospered better than anyone could have imagined.

For example, the red deer stags in New Zealand are renowned for having especially large antlers. There are also large populations of other deer species like fallow, sika, and wapiti (elk), and whitetail deer. The wapiti are also known for having particularly impressive antlers.

As if that were not enough there’s a globally important population of Himalayan Tahr and chamois in the highlands and wild pigs - known as ‘Captain Cookers’ - in the bush. These feral hogs can grow to sizes of 300lb and are sometimes hunted in the traditional Kiwi technique, using hunting dogs and a knife - not for the faint hearted!

For those who prefer a less high-octane hunt there’s ample opportunity for high-seat hunting, while the intrepid may prefer a backcountry stalk for red deer or wapiti or a heli-hunt for tahr.

With so many introduced species, and no natural predators, hunting plays a vital role in protecting New Zealand’s amazing landscape and ecosystems from the damage that uncontrolled big game populations could cause.

So, no matter whether favour a bow, rifle or even a knife, New Zealand is as sure to deliver a remarkable trophy hunt as anywhere on Earth.

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