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Pheasant shooting a best done with a side-by-side or over-under in 12, 16 or 20 bore. Many shoots specify no plastic wads in your cartridges. Felt or fibre wads only. All shoots are different, so make sure you know the rules specific to each shoot. Pheasant shoots in the UK are often steeped in tradition so its worth reading up on shooting etiquette before you go.

Note: There are an increasing number of protected species that must not be shot. If you are new to a region brush up on your species identification before joining a shoot day.

Pheasant (Phasianus Colchicus)

The pheasant is the UK’s most popular game bird. It is also popular in France (and other European countries) and North America.


The Pheasant is native to China. Pheasants were originally introduced into mainland Europe and UK by both the Romans and the Normans. It was introduced to North America in the late 1800s. Pheasants are now reared extensively by gamekeepers and specialist game farmers. As well as the numerous pure-breeds, there are many cross-breeds. All with various colours and characteristics as game keepers try to find the best possible birds for their particular shoot. A pheasant hunt trip to UK and South Dakota is in the bucketlist of every hunter.

Pheasant Hunting in UK

Pheasant hunting is one of the most sought-after activities in the UK attracting hundreds of hunters from different parts of the world every season. There are many historical and well-known shooting estates in England and Scotland catering for high pheasant day drives with a warm welcome, luxury accommodation and delicious food. Thereby luring the hunter to come again!

Pheasant Hunting in South Dakota

Pheasant hunting is not just limited to UK only but is scattered in many countries and found densely in the United States. South Dakota is well known for offering guided pheasant hunts on its five million acres of public hunting land. It is the easiest task for the hunter to discover guided hunting trips in any part of South Dakota. There are numerous outfitters catering for pheasant hunting trips on open high and vast plains.  We recommend the hunter to stay at least a week and fill out the fifteen bird seasonal limit.

Pheasant Hunting in Bulgaria

This red wild bird game is one of the most sought after hunt in Bulgaria. The natural habitat of Bulgaria provides home to millions of wild pheasants. The  pheasant population in Bulgaria is remarkable with the most active hunting month being October. When hunting pheasant in Bulgaria you'll be accompanied by dogs and hunting will be done by walking the beautiful terrain. Another popular hunting method in Bulgaria is driven bird shooting. 

Pheasant Hunting in New Mexico

New Mexico state of United States offers the finest game bird hunting opportunities with variety of options to hunt for. Pheasant is another high flying and desirable hunt in New Mexico. The upland game bird season in New Mexico runs from 1st September onwards and ends till March 31st.  The pheasant game hunt can be combined with following:

  • Quail Hunt

  • Chukar Hunt

  • Dove Hunt

  • Duck Hunt

  • Turkey Hunt

  • Crane Hunt

Pheasant Hunting Methods

Pheasant hunt is done on the traditional formal driven shoot principles in hunting lodge whereby paying guns have birds driven over them by beaters. Walked up shoots or rough shoots are also popular. High or extreme pheasants are particularly sought after by more experienced guns.

Pheasant Hunting Seasons 

The pheasant shooting season in the UK and in most European countries rims from October through to February. All shoots are different, so make sure you know the rules specific to each shoot. Pheasant shoots in the UK and mainland Europe are often steeped in tradition so it’s worth reading up on shooting etiquette before you go. Pheasant is also a delicious and healthy meat.

Some Useful Resources

Take a look at Game to Eat and the British Game Alliance for some great pheasant recipes. We would also encourage you to read Code of Good Shooting Practice, by the Countryside Alliance.

Basic Info

Varieties: Ringneck Pheasant, Reeve's Pheasant

Scientific name: Phasianus colchicus

Size: length: 60 – 89 cm, wingspan: 50 – 70 cm

Weight: 0,9-1.2 kg

Lifespan: 1.5 years

Methods: Walked up, driven bird shooting, rough shooting, wing shooting and falconery

Countries: Pheasant shooting England, Scotland, WalesNorth America, Europe, Middle-East, parts of Asia