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New Eagle Review Hosting Tools Are Here

A while ago we announced that we were soon to launch some new reporting tools for Eagle Review Hosts, and we're proud to say that they're now available to use. Here's a quick rundown of the new features, and how to access them.

Drive Bookings

The next time that you login to your Eagle Review account, you'll find a menu at the top right of your screen, where your profile picture and name are. In this menu select "Drive Bookings", which will bring you to this screen:

Drive bookings with Eagle Review


The Drive Bookings screen shows how you can increase the number of visitors to your Eagle Review listing by boosting it. You can set a budget to suit your needs, and you'll only be charged when you get a visitor to your listing. The system allows you to target your listing, allowing you to target the types of customers that you want to reach.

Ads Performance & Overview

The next tab on the top menu is the Ads Performance & Overview page, which looks like this: 

Eagle Review Host Ads Performance Reporting


This is also where you can find all the stats and data related to your listing, like where your listing views are coming from, and what they're looking at:

The Eagle Review Reporting dashboard

Further down the page you'll find the details of any ad campaigns that you have, and the option to change the targeting of them, giving you the flexibility to see what works for your business.

Track Performance

The next tab is the "Track Performance" dashboard, which looks like this. 

track performance

There's a multitude of helpful information on this page, everything from your search engine ranking to the behaviour of people visiting your listing - what they're clicking on, where they're from, and the number of enquiries that all those visits are generating.

Click activity


Special Offers

We're always looking for ways to help you to sell more hunting and fishing trips, which is why we've created the "special offers" tab. This allows you to create and promote special offers for your customers - no one can resist a great deal!

special offers

Tricks and Tips

Finally, the Tips and Tricks tab contains the complete back-catalogue of our hints and tips articles, all designed to help you to get the most out of Eagle Review. The content here is divided into a number of sub-categories: Getting Started to help you set up your listing, Grow your business, Manage Engagement, Trends and Research, and Popular Topics.

Eagle Review Tips and Tricks


So what are you waiting for - check it out now and watch the enquiries roll in!





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