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Stalking, Bowhunting, Hunting from a Blind, Highseat

Be it by SUV, ATV, snowmobile, sled or by foot, getting to musk ox is a must for any serious spot and stalk hunter.

Tricky, arctic, or semi-arctic terrain make a stalk different and difficult to other large species but makes for a great day walking through expansive, breathtakingly big landscape.

Harvesting one of the big bulls of the north is no easy task either, they survive tough arctic winters with one of the thickest, in-penetrable coats of fur in the world.

Musk ox are a big, burly relative to goat and sheep, fellow tough-weather species but not so immune to the tundra's chilling weather conditions. Predators such as wolves threaten young musk ox but a defensive, circular wall of well-horned adults produces a spectacular fight for their offspring.

Bagging a Musk ox with a big boss, or horn base is well worth the tenacious, mindful tundra tactics, big bow draw weights and heavy firearms used.

Hunting for musk ox are a must in Canada's Northwest Territories, parts of eastern Alaska and up across Canada to Greenland.

Basic Info

Scientific name: Bos taurus

Size: height 125 – 132 cm

Weight: bull 1100 kg, cow 720 kg

Lifespan: 22 years

Methods: Bow hunting, Hunting from a blind, Stalking

Continent(s): North America, Eurasia -Canada, Greenland, Sweden, Russia, Norway, United States