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Mangwa Hunting Safaris

The owner says

Mangwa Hunting Safaris, are not just a hunting safari, but we cater for all clients need, We do Photographic Safaris, Wing shooting or Dove Shooting, Africa and Surrounding Tours, Big Game Fishing Safaris. So don't wait, Call us now for your next Hunt


Location: Mangwa Hunting Safaris is based in Limpopo province of South Africa offering lion walks, canopy tours, crocodile tours, Namibia tours and wingshooting trips in South Africa.

About your host at Mangwa Hunting Safaris: Jacques Brits, Owner and PH.  Mangwa Hunting Safaris is based in South Africa in the Limpopo. We conduct safaris in Zimbabwe, Tanzania and South Africa. Mangwa  Hunting Safaris  not  only  offers  the  challenge of  hunting dangerous  game,  but  allows  you  as  the hunter  to  interact  with  the  beauty  and  tranquillity  of nature while doing so.

­­­­­­Hunting experience at Mangwa Hunting Safaris: Escape  everyday  life  by  plains,  trophy  and  dangerous game hunting with Mangwa Hunting Safaris. Hunting plains game in South Africa has a few advantages over our main competitors in the plains game market. One of the very distinct advantages South Africa has, lies in the diversified habitat that supports different plains game animals in the different regions. The vegetation in each region differs to the next. Some plains game animals are grazers, some are browsers and a third group are grazer-browsers. Plains game hunting in South Africa can be done by way of rifle hunting, or hunting with bow and arrow. Click here for quick link country guide.

Planning your trip to Mangwa Hunting Safaris

Upcoming availability: Please contact the host for more information.

Terms and Pricing: Please contact the host for current pricing details. Mangwa Hunting Safaris accepts no responsibility for death, injury or illness sustained or suffered by any persons loss, theft, or damage to property occurring during a visit (or visits) to areas or resorts under our control, whether allegedly due to the negligence of any of our servants or agents, or arising from the use of any facility supplied or made available by us.

Accommodation: To select and book the top suggested hotels and accommodation in the area when hunting at Mangwa Hunting Safaris, click here.

Seasons and Weather: For up to date information on hunting species seasons in South Africa. To know about today's weather and the forecast for Polokwane, click here.

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Filming your hunting trip: Why not have your adventure filmed by Eagle Review’s professional videographer? Capture the magic of your visit with our on-location video. It's the next best thing to being there! Have a look at some of our video’s here.

Other things to do for this trip: top things to do near Mangwa Hunting Safaris

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Blue wildebeest
Blue wildebeest

Bow hunting
Bow hunting
Driven big game
Driven big game
Hunting from a blind
Hunting from a blind


Price From
price per person per day
Price includes

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6 x Safari and accommodation fees, food,drinks and transport around hunting area, Pick up and drop off at Johannesburg airport, 1 x Blue wildebeest, 1 x Impala, 1 x Blesbuck and 2 x Warthogs and the total includes 1 hunter with 1 x ph's
Terms of payment

30% Deposit of Accommodation Cash or Eft , Electronic bank transfer


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  • End or Late Season Hunting package safari
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