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Stalking, Bowhunting, Driven big game, Safari, Hunting from a Blind

Tip-toeing, jumping, leaping and even in a daze of dances one would consider as 'frolicking', klipspringers are unusual antelopes unique to southern Africa.

Like most antelope species, ewes, or female klipspringers grow larger in size than the rams but do not have the abrupt, ringed horns that the males carry.

Klipspringers got their name from the Afrikaans translation for them as the little “rock jumper”. They trot and jump around rocky surfaces with the ease of a professional acrobat. Hunting klipspringer brings the avid hunter through rocky, tumultuous terrain as well. It's a hot pursuit in refreshing wild country.

Klipspringers survive in dessert and mountainous conditions throughout Namibia, South Africa, Botswana and Mozambique. Where you see one, you will see the rest of its group but beyond the general clues, klipspringer may be hard to spot.

Get ready for a lot of glassing, the klipspringer is a tricky little antelope! Klipspringer are perfect for bow hunters ready for a tiny target as well as trophy gun hunters.

Basic Info

Scientific name: Oreotragus

Size: height: 60 cm

Weight: 10 – 13 kg

Lifespan: 12 years

Methods: Bow hunting, Hunting from a blind, Safari, Driven big game, Highseat, Stalking,

Continent(s): Africa