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Hunting trips in Hunting In Mauritius: known for

Hunting and shooting in Mauritius: Rusa deer stalking on an Indian Ocean island paradise? Pheasants, Guinea fowl, francolin, and wild boar? Yes, there’s more to Mauritius than beaches and fishing.

Hunting in Mauritius

In sporting terms, the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius - only a 4 hour hop from Johannesburg - may be best known for its coral reefs, sandy beaches and as a saltwater fishing destination, but it is a secret hunting paradise for a rare species of deer. It offers a hunting experience unlike that available almost anywhere else in the world.

Rusa Deer Hunting

Rusa deer hunting in Mauritius is on a scale that will surprise many with an estimated population of 45,000 deer.

Introduced by Dutch sailors in the 17th century, the Mauritian Rusa is originally from Java and as the only deer species on then island, have remained unaffected by crossbreeding, contrary to other Rusa populations around the world. They can grow to an impressive size, with antlers to match.

As it is important to control the numbers of these impressive animals in order to protect the island's ecosystems, around 15,000 are taken every year. A number of techniques can be used, including high-seats, stalking and driven hunts.

Other Hunting in Mauritius

European Wild Boar are also to be found, as are guinea fowl and a number of other game birds, available for driven or walked up shooting.

A tropical island paradise, Mauritius is an amazing destination for a Rusa deer trip, and hunting amid the exotic primary forest and remarkable fauna of the country’s mountainous interior is an experience that it would be hard to match.

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