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"Though you may not believe in it until you use it, nothing is more effective than a well camouflaged blind. Camouflaging into the landscape is a highly efficient hunting method for many types of game and can be easily mastered with a little bit of creativity."

From pigeon shooting to big game hunting, hunting from a blind is a highly effective method of hunting. Blinds can be installed on boats, moved around fields or secured in a favored location. Bow and rifle hunters benefit from using a blind; using it like a defensive screen against the intended game. Blinds will be different depending on the location and the season and can be purchased, pre-made or created at home with a bit of creativity and time. Blinds are almost a necessity for many winged quarries including ducks and geese. Reeds and other water-loving vegetation make great cover for hunters calling in ducks, coots and geese to where they are hiding. Some blinds are fixed, becoming part of the landscape. This method allows the animals to grow accustomed to the blind and let the blind go unnoticed come hunting time. If the blind is unfixed and movable, set it up downwind of the hunting plot to stay better undetected if possible. Overall, the basic rule to hunting from a blind is to blend in. Find a spot to shoot from and let the surroundings consume the blind by adding local, nearby plant and tree foliage. Like stalking, this hunting method is stealthy and effective when going for the biggest trophies.

Basic Info

When hunting from a blind you will need a dependable blind, either store-bought or homemade to accommodate yourself, a dog, or anyone else attending the hunt. Blinds are made out of rip and weather-resistant materials and using colors appropriate to the season and the landscape. When it is an option, take local plants or brush and decorate the exterior, creating a natural look to the blind. Hunting from a blind is effective for both rifle and bow hunters. In addition to the blind, hunters may use scent-free clothing or scent-blockers, a set of binoculars, game call and a scope.