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Soft treading across the snowy winter landscapes behind a team of beagles, not quite elbow to elbow with other members of the hunting party when you see something that looks like a large snowball flash, and dart up ahead.

Is it a mountain hair who has his white winter fur grown in? Or are your eyes, suffering from the chilly air, deceiving you?

What may seem like a wild chase behind a barking, baying group of noisy, energetic beagles at first, usually gets better and better as the day goes on.

The same story goes for brown hare hunting. It is tough hunting, through thick forest; heavy underbrush destroys any dreams of easy hunting even with the sharpest hound kennel for the small, silent hare.

However, hares are stationary to a small area, not adventuring too far from the land and safe spots that they already know. Hunting for hare after a first, minor, snowfall is ideal. A light snowfall allows easy tracking both for you and the dogs and a makes for a very natural hunt.

Basic Info

Varieties: Brown Hare, Mountain Hare

Scientific name: Lepus

Size: length: 41.3 – 51.8 cm

Weight: 2 – 7 kg

Lifespan: 7 years

Methods: Stalking, Walked Up

Continent(s): Worldwide