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Driven birds, Walked up, Wingshooting

A warm African breeze, cooing birds and the faint sounds of busy wildlife form a perfect setting to a guinea fowl hunt.

There is plenty of time to reflect on the natural surroundings as you patiently wait for guinea fowl to come into range of your ambush. A hidden, camouflaged perspective is necessary; guinea fowl will stay clear of risk and are wary of humans and things unknown.

Like turkey, but in larger numbers, this species uses a rasp or confusion (a group) of guinea fowl to spark early detection of danger. Guinea fowl are native throughout Africa and are one of the oldest species of large, land-dwelling birds unique to Africa. They thrive on insects, worms and seeds, often following larger mammals to feed off of worm and larvae found in piles of animal droppings.

Learning their favorite feeding spots and arriving there before they do, or tracking them is an excellent tactic to approaching the noisy birds; an excellent air-gunning quarry that will explode into the air every which way when spooked or shot at.

Basic Info

Scientific name: Numididae

Size: length: 40 – 71 cm, wingspan:  150 – 180 cm

Weight: 0.7 – 1.9 kg

Lifespan: 20 years

Methods: Wildfowling, Wing shooting, Driven birds, Walked Up

Countries: Africa, Europe