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Stalking, Bowhunting, Safari

Giraffe is an african animal and is one of the tallest animal on earth. Being highly dependent on grasslands, Giraffes are found most actively in countries of Africa and is physically characterised by immensely long neck with a lining of brown hair, tall legs and a large body with brown spots all over it. There are total nine sub-species of giraffe namely:

  • Nubian Giraffe

  • Somali Giraffe

  • Kordofan Giraffe

  • Angolan Giraffe

  • Masai Giraffe

  • Rothschild's Giraffe

  • South African Giraffe

  • Rhodesian Giraffe

  • West African Giraffe

Out of nine sub-species of giraffe only the South African giraffe is allowed for trophy hunting. Rest hunting of eight sub-species of giraffe are well-preserved. The South African Giraffe is found in almost all countries of Africa including: South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. 

Hunting the world's tallest animal is like stalking someone in a watchtower. They have a very good upper hand at spotting hunting parties at great distance. Their powerful eyesight and sensitive hearing make for a difficult, slow-staling hunt. The dry African wilderness is a meagre place for large animal species to live off, making the giraffe sleeping little, and grazing on low-hanging, shrub-like trees for many hours at a time. Giraffes, “eat like a horse” as the saying goes, foraging up to 45 kilos of roughage a day. Their bone-like ossicones, or characteristic horns are unique to both male and female giraffe; good for clubbing a predator or rival when needed. Though they might be distracted with their leafy tree salads, they are always on the lookout for approaching lions. Although they can charge, they are not as dangerous towards people compared to other big African game. ear-round, Giraffe make a fine rifle, handgun, black powder, crossbow or bow hunt for the skilled stalker and a superb adventure through the deep African brush.

Trophy Hunting for Giraffe in South Africa: South Africa is one of the finest destination for trophy giraffe hunting. Reason being, giraffes like to stay near open woodlands and green savannas with abundance of water source available. Another benefit of trophy hunting in South Africa in Giraffe is that the hunts are available year round with no seasonal or legal hunting restrictions. The hunter should keep in mind following points when hunting giraffe in South Africa:

  • Giraffe hunting is not a child's play kind of hunt as the giraffes are blessed with great eye sight, alert nature and can sense humans easily. So make sure you don't lose contact and keep the right shot placement.

  • Try to hide properly as the giraffe can spot and walk away from the hunting area making you lose a great hunting trophy.

  • Stalking is a recommended hunting technique, considering the south african habitat.

Basic Info

Scientific name: Giraffa

Size: height male 5 - 6 m, female 4.6 m

Weight: male 1,200 kg, female 830 kg

Lifespan: 25 years

Methods: Bow hunting, Safari, Stalking

Countinent(s): Africa