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Driven birds, Walked up

A small flash or bright yellow here, a bold blotch of red there, is all one may see before realizing there is a Fancolin in view.

Flashy neck colors add great beauty to the small birds found across Africa, Asia and now surprisingly, Hawaii. In grasslands and with shrub-like protection these birds can be found digging for seeds and small insects with their strong, curved bills.

Similar to their relatives in the partridge family, Francolin typically do not fly, unless attacked or threatened; where then they might do just the opposite and try to sneak away from their predator in silence. With heavy, wild brush, this can make them particularly challenging; they know their stomping grounds better than anyone and can vanish into the thick landscape far before anyone has a clear shot.

Besides a well-trained pointer as a hunting dog and companion, a semi-automatic shotgun will do just fine in pursuit of Francolin. However, an experienced bird shooter may enjoy the challenge of a side-by-side or an over-and-under shotgun much better.

Basic Info

Scientific name: Francolinus 

Size: length: 29 – 34 cm, wingspan: 50 – 55 cm

Weight: 200 – 340 g

Lifespan: 8 years

Methods: Falconry, Wing shooting, Driven birds, Walked Up

Countries: Africa and Asia