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Hunting trips in France: known for

known for strong specimens of red deer and fantastic venues for large french carp

Hunting and fishing in France has a certain je ne sais quoi, whether this lies within its rustic and graceful landscape, featured in paintings throughout the centuries for its beauty, or it ties in with the culture, it’s definitely captivating. Not only can you hunt every day of the year, maximizing all your opportunities for a good hunt, but it is also home to the king of French forests, the red deer. The red deer: big game hunt will prance through the forest and hunting becomes an art. This is done by stalking or driven shoots. Wielding your rifle, holding your breath and pulling the trigger are simple gestures charged with new meaning when hunting red deer here. During your hunt drives, roe deer game will also lock your scope, with some of the largest trophies in Europe, its elusive evasions make it a very engaging hunt. But, the roe deer competes with the wild boar, spread through the many regions in France, it’s most popularly hunted by stalking, its strength, and speed challenged by the chasing dogs.

The largest western european country, France is blessed with plenty of varying hunting habitats with high game populations. The wild life of France is immensely rich and one can hunt his dream game here. France boasts to offer some of the best:

  • Red Deer Hunt

  • Fallow Deer Hunt

  • Roe Deer Hunt

  • Mouflon Sheep Big Game Hunting

  • Driven Big Game Wild Boar Hunting

  • Alpine Chamois Hunt

  • Driven Big Game Corsican Mouflon Sheep Hunting

  • Pyrenean Chamois Hunt

The French countryside is crisscrossed by rivers with well-noted fish throughout the country, carp being its main player reaching over 60 lbs or the grass carp at 57lb. Sitting under the shade with crickets softening the silence of the warm weather, your fishing line bobbing on the serene waters, the bite of carp on the bait will bring you straight back into a reality that could easily be a dream. Fly Fishing in France isn’t just fishing, it is a moment lost in time.

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