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Eustance Pack & Tack

The owner says

Eustance Pack and Tack Outfitters is a family run operation with a history of quality and hunter satisfaction. The remoteness of our camp means less hunting pressure and more trophy animals. As a traditional fair chase hunt, our knowledge of the area and experience as guides give you the advantage.

Our camp is a home away from home. We supply comfortable wood heated canvas wall tents, cots, sleeping pads, roomy cook tent with delicious hearty meals, and shower tent. Competent guides and well-traveled mountain horses complete the package.

We are proud to be one of the partners in conservation, working with MTWFP and the USDA Forest Service to maintain healthy habitats and wildlife populations.


Location: Eustance Pack & Tack is situated in Wilsall, Montana organizing hunting and wilderness outdoor activities in Montana.

About your host at Eustance Pack & Tack: Neil and Babette, Hosts. They’ve spent their lives living close to the land and sharing their love of nature with people from all walks of life. Let them help you learn about a place that’s like no other. The wilderness of Montana is an unrivaled treasure, one of the largest tracts of public land in the country. Let their knowledge and skills help you experience the unique, natural ecosystem protected from human technology and development.

Hunting experience at Eustance Pack & Tack: Hunt elk and mule deer from one of our remote wilderness tent camps. Our backcountry season runs from the first Saturday in September to the Sunday after Thanksgiving. We offer Archery Only Hunts, Early Rifle Bugle Hunts, and General Season Rifle Hunts. We operate out of two backcountry hunting camps in the Scapegoat Wilderness. Our “Main Camp” is our early rifle camp, located in Sheep Creek drainage, MTFWP area 280. Our “Short Camp” is our archery camp and general season camp, located in Fickler Meadow, MTFWP area 281.

The hunting areas are large and the terrain varies from grassy meadows to timbered mountains, shale ridges to old burn areas. We hunt elevations from 5500’ to over 9000’. Good physical condition is essential to successful wilderness hunting. These areas are “Brow-Tine Bull Only”. This means a legal bull elk must have an antler or antlers visible on the lower half of either main beam, that is greater than or equal to 4 inches long. This stipulation tends to create a large population of five point or greater bulls. We also have dates that either (antler-less) cows or bulls can be taken with a general elk tag depending on which area you’re hunting. Click here for quick link country guide.

Planning your trip to Eustance Pack & Tack

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After your trip

  • Taxidermy: Our skilled guides will dress and quarter your harvested animal, retrieve from the field, and deliver to the trailhead. Transportation, processing, and shipping of packaged meat after that are the client’s responsibility. We understand not all clients have a vehicle at the trailhead or the desire to process their own animal. Processing facilities are NOT available in Lincoln, the small town located nearest to the trailhead. We can recommend options for you, but we suggest contacting a processor ahead of time to work out exactly what services are available and desired. Depending on your travel arrangements, we can offer some suggestions for Great Falls, Helena, and Missoula.
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Mule deer

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