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"Great excitement for a group or an individual, driven bird shooting is a hunting method that requires a well organised beating line and dogs to properly flush birds in range for the heart-pounding, patiently waiting shooters. An addictive sport, driven birds is a popular hunting method worldwide."

Stationary shooters looking high into the sky squint as a set of game birds, pheasants, race towards the heavens above. Shells fall to the ground in repeated fashion as the organized shooters fire like there's no tomorrow. The beloved sport of driven birds originated in England but interest for this challenge is seen all over the world. Today driven birds opportunities are found throughout the heartland of America's hunting lands and through many estates in Africa and beyond. Driven birds requires a group effort and are ideal for families or group outings. Beaters release the caged birds, or bring them up out of the brush, after a spotter signals with a horn or whistle to “let 'em rip”. Trained dogs wait near the signaler, patient and excited for their turn to spring into action. Driven bird dogs retrieve any fallen quarry. Participants shoot typically one after another in a series of quick, rapid shots, like shooting down a plane in war, to take down the high-flying pheasants. Quick shooters will have their day's worth of rapid fire. Older, or beginner shooters will have a challenging and satisfying day out to field without the fuss of a long hunt. Anyone that has had a chance to try it agrees, driven birds is not a one-time experience but a lifelong interest.

Basic Info

For driven birds you will need either a double barrel, over-under, single shot, pump action, semi-auto or side-by-side shotgun, depending on the birds and the shooter’s preference. 12, 16, 20, 28 or .410 gauge shotguns are typical for driven bird hunting.