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Dove shooting in Argentina is legendary, not only for the huge numbers of birds, but for the amazing hospitality... and the great wine!

The area around Cordoba is estimated to be home to doves numbering in their millions. The doves, which feed on the vast areas of farmland surrounding the city, breed four times a year and provide year-round big-bag shooting. And when we say big bag, we mean it - it is not unheard of for teams of guns to shoot thousands in a single day.

Those really seeking to challenge themselves will opt to shoot in the hills over the flatlands, while less experienced shooters will find testing enough birds on the flatlands too.

Small, fast and inclined to jink, twist and turn on the wind without warning, don’t let the huge numbers of birds fool you into thinking that this is easy - dove shooting in Argentina can be among the most testing examinations for even experienced shots.

Given the numbers, you may wish to use a semi-automatic shotgun, and many dove shooting lodges and outfitters can provide gun hire services, but taking your own gun (or guns) is relatively hassle free.

The species can be found in large parts of South America and Argentina, so you’re not limited to the area around Cordoba either.

Argentina is a country steeped in culture, from the gauchos of the pampas to the tango dancers of Buenos Aires - amazing food, amazing wine, great music, and world-beating sport.

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