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Deltana Outfitters

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Our reputation for excellence in location, hunting areas, guides, accommodations, amenities and experience, Deltana Outfitters sets the bar for excellence and value for Alaska Guided Hunts.
Trophy Hunting in Alaska is serious fun for serious hunters, and our top-of-the-notch guides are serious about your experience. We are committed to making your Alaska hunt adventure the memory of a lifetime. When the trophy is your goal look to Deltana Outfitters for a successful and unforgettable adventure


Your host at Deltana Outfitters: Jim Beidner, Master Guide. Master Guide Jim Weidner came to Alaska as a young man with his family in the 1960’s. He took a degree in Wildlife Management from the University of Alaska, and this combined with his more than 30 years of experience hunting, fishing & trapping makes him a knowledgeable companion and guide. Jim has spent his life in the outdoors. Being a professional guide is not a job with Jim — it is a way of life. You will find no one that will work as hard to ensure you a great wilderness experience. Whether your trip is hunting, fishing or a wildlife photo trip you can be sure it will be a trip you will never forget. Jim will give you 100% of his effort, knowledge, and experience. Sharing Alaska and all its wonders is what Jim is all about.

Hunting experience at Deltana Outfitters: Our Brown Bear Camp is located in the village of Sand Point on Popof Island. While in Sand Point you will be staying in a bed & breakfast that we lease every year. From there you will fly via bush plane to the mainland to the Izembek National Wildlife Refuge where our guide concession is located. This is one of the most magnificent places in the world. Whether you’re hunting the beaches or up in the higher country, it just doesn’t get any better. You will either be hunting one of our beach camps or one of our higher camps towards the foothills of the mountains. Since we have started operating there we have enjoyed a 9’5” average on our brown bears and every year we usually take 2 to 4 bears that square over 10’. By harvesting the larger boars we have seen the population increase tremendously over the past 10 years. It is not uncommon to see 8-10 bears per day. The Alaska Peninsula is definitely a hunting adventure that every hunter should experience at least once in their lifetime. We also hunt for Grizzly Bear, Dall Sheep and Caribou. Click here for quick link country guide.

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Terms of payment

2017 1×1 Brooks Range Dall Sheep Hunt

  • Hunt Special $17,500 per person
  • Caribou Add-On
    • $3500 Trophy Fee (same location)
    • $5,500 Trophy Fee (is there is a move to a different location)
  • Add on Grizzly to this hunt:
    • This is a drawing permit hunt for Game Management Unit 26B that we offer only to our sheep hunters that hunt sheep during the August 20 to 31st time frame. You must apply through the Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game website for the permit by Dec. 17th in the year prior to your hunt date. The season opens August 25th for this permit.  If you hunt sheep with us during the August 20 to 31st time frame, then you should apply for the permit if you are interested in taking a grizzly while on your sheep hunt. The hunt permit application number is DB987. The cost for this add on is $4,000 up front and $4,500 if bear is taken.

2017 1×1 Fall Alaska Peninsula Brown Bear Hunts - $23,500.00 per person

2017 1×1 Brooks Range Fall Arctic Grizzly Bear Hunts - $14,500.00 per person

2017 2×1 Caribou Hunts - $9,000.00 per person

2018 1×1 Arctic Dall Sheep Hunt - $19,500.00 per person

2018 (12 Day) 1×1 Brown Bear Hunt - $24,500.00 per person

2018 1×1 Brooks Range Arctic Grizzly Bear - $14,500 per person

2018 2×1 Arctic Alaska Caribou Hunt - $9,000.00 per person (1 Caribou)


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