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Chris Troskie Safaris Africa

The owner says

Welcome to CT Safaris! - Hunting in Southern Africa

Personally hosted safaris by Chris and Sabina Troskie. You will not just be dropped off in a Hunting Camp and left in the care of someone you've never met or communicated with prior to the safari.
Qualified and Experienced Professional Hunters - hand selected by Chris Troskie. (Chris himself has more than 19 years' guiding experience).
Exclusive use of Hunting Camp, and all amenities. There will be no strangers in camp with you.
Exclusive access to large game-rich CT Safaris Hunting Areas for your hunt duration. There will be no one other than you and members of your hunting party in the area you hunt with us.
Assistance, Support and Advice before and after your safari. Our service does not start when you arrive in Africa and end when you depart


Location: Chris Troskie Safaris Africa is a hunting safari company based in Limpopo province of South Africa offering some of the best big game hunts and photographic safaris in South Africa.

About your host at Chris Troskie Safaris Africa: Chris Troskie, Founder and PH.  founded Chris Troskie Safaris (CT Safaris) in 2003 after spending several years as freelance Professional Hunter. My love for the African bush and wildlife was developed while growing up in the Eastern Cape of South Africa and spending as much time as possible on our family farm - Leoni - outside the little rural town of Bedford. Having been a keen and dedicated hunter for as long as I can remember, I opted to focus on a "boutique" hunting experience - centered around the expectations and needs of my Clients when I founded my safari company - as opposed to filling up a safari lodge with strangers. I started out as a "one-man-band" offering hunts in South Africa and whilst CT Safaris has since grown to become a registered Company with several employees, my business philosophy has not changed. I remain dedicated to providing you with the best and most exclusive safari experience available in Southern Africa. 

­­­­­­Hunting experience at Chris Troskie Safaris Africa: All our hunts are conducted in line with accepted principles of the fair chase. We do not hunt any small high-fenced areas. Our hunting areas are carefully managed and are never over hunted. We hunt animals in their natural habitat and do not partake in any form of canned or "put and take" hunting. Every decision we make in the field and elsewhere is based on the sustainable use of our natural resources. We care for our environment. Producing quality trophies is paramount to us. Our aim is to only hunt mature animals and we will NOT let you shoot an animal just to "tick it off on the list" The open plains of the Eastern and Northen Cape can make for some challenging long range hunting and is an excellent area to hunt for Springbok, Eland, Wildebeest, Red Hartebeest and many others. We also have excellent areas to hunt the prized Vaal Rhebuck and Cape Grysbok and have a very high success rate for these challenging animals. Click here for quick link country guide.

Planning your trip to Chris Troskie Safaris Africa

Upcoming availability: Please contact the host for more information.

Terms and Pricing: Please click here to view our hunting packages. Our hunting terms are following:

  • Trophy Fees are only charged for animals that are killed (* or wounded and lost) during the safari. This allows you to decide what animals you want to hunt, structure your hunt according to your own finances and preferences and only pay for those animals that you do end up bagging.
  • In South Africa; we hunt on privately owned properties and all that is required to hunt on these properties is that non-resident hunters must have the landowner's permission, the hunt must be arranged through a licensed Hunting Outfitter and the Hunter must be accompanied by a licensed Professional Hunter. No special "tags" (we refer to these as "licenses" or "permits") are required for most species and should tags be required we will advise you accordingly upfront and obtain these tags for you prior to the hunt.
  • Trophy Fees are payable after the hunt on your departure day but you can also pay your expected trophy fees upfront - should you wish to do so. Should you not get all the animals that were on your wish list and that you have paid for in advance; the balance of what you paid upfront towards Trophy Fees will be refunded to you. Essentially this means that you ONLY pay for those animals that you elect to hunt and kill (or wound). If e.g. you book a kudu hunt and don't get your kudu you will not be charged the trophy fee for the kudu at the end of the hunt.
  • Whilst utmost care will be taken to ensure your safety on safari, hunting and travelling are potentially dangerous activities and we cannot accept responsibility for loss or injury of any kind. Hunting guests are recommended to obtain travel and medical evacuation insurance prior to their safaris.

Accommodation: Chris Troskie Safaris Africa offers its own accommodations in its hunting camps. Click here to view your accommodation. To select and book the top suggested hotels and accommodation in the area when hunting at Chris Troskie Safaris Africa, click here.

Seasons and Weather: For up to date information on hunting species seasons in South Africa. To know about today's weather and the forecast for Lephalale, click here.

Permits: To read more about permits or travelling with your sporting equipment.

What to wear: for tips on the best clothing and dress code.

Nearest international airport: Click here to find out.

Directions by car or public transport to Chris Troskie Safaris Africa.

Filming your hunting trip: Why not have your adventure filmed by Eagle Review’s professional videographer? Capture the magic of your visit with our on-location video. It's the next best thing to being there! Have a look at some of our video’s here.

Other things to do for this trip: top things to do near Chris Troskie Safaris Africa

After your trip

  • Taxidermy: There are international veterinary regulations that govern movement of animals and animal parts across international borders. This means that all trophies need to undergo a veterinary approved disinfecting process before it may be imported into your country. Trophies mounted by taxidermists in South Africa are automatically subjected to the approved veterinary process during the preparation thereof. Please contact the host for more information.
  • Reviews: Don’t forget to write your review here: it really helps others choose their perfect trip. Thank you!


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