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About Castle Rock Outfitters

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Your host at Castle Rock Outfitters: Brent Keith, Master Guide. My name is Brent Keith, Registered Alaskan Guide - I invite YOU to the big game hunt of a lifetime! I conduct special wolf hunts in March and April, the weather is generally a little more friendly and there's plenty of daylight, lots of wolves around and the moose, caribou and sheep really appreciate us! My trapline is a little over 100 miles and I have a few cabins that we stay in while hunting the wolf, by March there's usually plenty of wolf kill sites to watch and I have a good idea on the pack's where-abouts and cycles. Traveling is by snowmachine or ATV depending on weather conditions. These hunts are a blast and gets you out in some beautiful country.

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Please contact the host for more information.

For more information, please contact the host.

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Bow hunting
Bow hunting
Driven big game
Driven big game
Hunting from a blind
Hunting from a blind

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Castle Rock Outfitters is located at Alaska 99743, United States
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$5,500 price per person per day

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