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Cape Buffalo Hunting trips. South Africa is a great country for a variety of hunting trips. An exhilarating experience hardly replicated anywhere else.

South Africa is a great country for a variety of hunting trips. If one is lucky enough to observe the Cape Buffalo, surprisingly bigger and more imposing in real life, brace yourself and beware when hunting one. An exhilarating experience hardly replicated anywhere else.

Nile, water and cape buffalo are all monster-sized game, packed with enough meat and muscle to stop a train.

Weighing over 700 kilos in maturity, young buffalo are the prized meal for lions. Be prepared, where there is buffalo, there will be lions!

Overall the hunt is very tactical: glassing, advancing, glassing, advancing. Repeat. Many find success at the watering hole, as buffalo generally pause and rehydrate normally once a day at a local oasis. However, buffalo are prey to many aggressive predators including lions, spotted hyenas and leopards, the nomadic herds are extremely cautious, particularly at watering holes, and pick up on hunting parties from far away distances.

Cape buffalo boldly carry stunning horns infused with bone shields, called “bosses” where the left and right horn simultaneously form a wide plate to connect the two horns together across their foreheads. Bulls have especially developed bosses where as in cows, or females they are less prominent.

South Africa is ideal for the perfect hunting and fishing trip. This environment is never dull, and always different.

Basic Info

Cape Buffalo or African Buffalo

Scientific name: Bovinae 

Size: length: Up to 2.8 m 

Weight: 620 – 1,100 kg 

Lifespan: 18-22 

Methods: Bow hunting, Hunting from a blind, Safari, Highseat, Stalking,