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Stalking, Bowhunting, Driven big game, Safari, Hunting from a Blind


Bongo is a large and vibrant antelope hunting species found in dense african forest. Bongo is characterised by its spiral horns and short legs. It also holds title for being one of the most social animal in Africa and third largest antelope just after eland antelope: another sought after hunt in Africa. There are two sub-species of Bongo, they are: Lowland Bongo and Mountain Bongo. You'll only be available to hunt for the  Lowland Bongo as the hunting of Mountain Bongo is strictly prohibited in many hunting regions and countries.

Bongo Hunt

Birds, insects and strange sounds from the unknown pour through the rainforest’s thick, wild underbrush. If any human has passed through the branches of where the lowland bongo creeps, there are no signs to prove it. Deep in the rainforest, searching for bongo, the towering trees consume all occupants and challenge all newcomers. Bongo hunting is not easy, long days filled with few bongo hunts sightings is common. Even with this antelope hunting species standing at over a meter in height, it is still difficult to spot a trophy bongo hunt. The locals in Cameroon bring packs of dogs to hunt for the lowland bongo hunts- that's how tricky it is. Detailed descriptions of a genuine bongo trophy hunt are often full of chance, serious conditions and action-filled, or action-less days, but that what makes this hunt so invaluable. Regardless of hunting choice- by bow hunt or rifle, shots are fairly close range due to the thick rainforest vegetation. Clear, broadside shots are few and lucky on this secretive game hunting species, and an adrenaline rush when you have one in your scope to say the least!

Countries where you can hunt Bongo

Hunting of bongo is exclusively done in the rainforests of Cameroon and is a dream hunt of many trophy hunters. Hunting season in Cameroon runs from April till mid-July, the most active bongo hunting months being rainy season month as there are higher chances for a successful bongo hunt during rainy season. Other regions where bongo hunts take place are:

  • Republic of Congo

  • Guinea

  • Ghana

  • South Sudan

  • Togo

  • Texas

Bongo Hunting Methods

For a successful bongo hunt you can proceed with any of the hunting method listed below:

  • Stalking

  • Bow Hunting

  • Driven Big Game Hunt

  • Safari Hunt

  • Hunting from a Blind

  • Pistol Hunting

  • Rifle Hunting

The shot placement for a bongo hunt is same to that of eland as they both depict same hunting nature. The bongo hunts take place mostly in rainforests and dense areas with rivers nearby. 

Bongo Hunting Trophy

The bongo hunting trophy is indeed a great achievement for the hunter. The size of the trophy is large and lies between 28" inches and 30" inches.

Some interesting facts about Bongo Hunts:

  • In ancient times, people used to believe that eating or hunting or bongo might lead them to suffer from nervous disorders and seizures.

  • Both bongo hunts: male and female have horns unlike other hunting species.

  • Although the bongo awake during night but they're still quite active when targeted on day hunt.

  • Unlike other plains game hunting animals, bongos prefer to roam alone and are generally not found in groups.

Bongo Trophy Hunting in Texas

If you're looking for an exceptional hunting experience and bag a great bongo hunt trophy, then Texas will end your search. Texas is known for offering great exotic hunt for sheeps and great hunting drives for the whitetail deer. Texas is famous for offering great hunting opportunities for following species which attract hunters from different parts of the world to win a hunting trophy of a life-time. 

  • Texas Whitetail Hunt

  • Texas Exotic Hunt

  • Texas African Game Hunt

Bongo is counted as one of the most prized hunting trophy in Africa. The same thing holds for Texas as well as the population number is decent and the trophy size is incredibly fine. The hunters are guided by local hunting guides with their exceptional hunting experience of international and local country hunting lands. Another good thing about hunting bongo in Texas is that you can avail the trophy hunts year round. The hunting season for trophy bongo hunts run through out the year with no seasonal restrictions. For more information, please free contact your hunting outfitter and they'll tailor a great hunting trip.

Bongo Trophy Hunting in Cameroon

Cameroon, a great african country offers the finest hunting opportunities for this beautiful spiral horned antelope of africa. Hunting for this african antelope bongo is remarkable experience and the game population is simply amazing. The hunting is done with the help of dogs and you'll be using pygmy trackers when hunting this african game. You'll be able to hunt  this antelope of africa in the mid of the year, mainly between April-July months. 

Basic Info

Scientific name: Tragelaphus eurycerus

Size: height: 1.25 m

Weight: male up to 280 kg, female up to 253 kg

Lifespan: 19 years

Methods: Bow hunting, Hunting from a blind, Safari, Driven big game, Highseat, Stalking,

Continent(s): Western and Central Africa

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