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Hunting Methods: Stalking, Bowhunting, Driven big game, Safari, Hunting from a Blind

Roan Antelope

Roan antelope is one of the largest and most sought after trophy hunt in Africa. This african antelope species has great strength and is characterised by its long head, sturdy limbs and a thick neck. The social nature of a roan antelope is similar to that of its cousin antelope - sable. Roan antelope has five african defined sub-species namely:

  • Southern Roan Antelope

  • Western Roan Antelope

  • East African Roan Antelope

  • Angoland Roan Antelope

  • Sudan Roan Antelope

The trophy hunting for Western Roan Antelope is done in Burkina Faso, Cameroon and in the country of Central African Republic. The southern roan trophy hunt is done widely in South Africa: the trophy hunting capital, Namibia and Zambia. Meanwhile the east african antelope species trophy hunt occurs in Western region of Tanzania.

With horns reaching one meter in length and the reputation of being the one of the largest Antelope species in Africa, Roan Antelopes are a hot hunt for the ardent safari hunter. The patterns of their face disguise them in a shielded pattern, streaks of black, tan and white make it a challenge to concentrate on its' eyes. Like zebras, Roan Antelopes live in small groups called harems, with an independent male taking the leading role. Roan Antelopes can be easily identified in grasslands and light forests throughout the mid-Africa.

All you need to know about hunting Roan Antelope

Distant glassing, and careful stalking are necessary hunting methods to track them down. Despite their heavy stature, weighing in on the heavy side of the Antelope family, they are quick, bolting fast after the first shot, or when alarmed. Roan Antelopes frequently require a trip to a local watering spot, a key area to weigh in on the morning or evening of your hunt. Get downwind of a harem of this big safari game, target in on your trophy, and the hunt for Roan Antelope is all yours.

The average shooting distance while going for a roan antelope hunt in South Africa should lie between 100-180 yards. The shooting distance may vary depending on the hunting area you're in. Roan Antelope Hunt occur throughout the year in South Africa. The main hunting season runs from February- December, the most active hunting months being November and May. The recommended hunting methods for a roan hunt are:

  • Stalking

  • Bow Hunting

  • Driven Big Game Hunting

  • Safari Style Hunting

  • Hunting from Blinds

Hunting Roan Antelope in Texas

Trophy Roan Antelope is one of the most rare and sought after hunt of Texas. Roan Antelope hunting is mainly done in the South Africa, where the hunts are carried out in a hunting ranch owned by the hunting outfitter. However roan hunts are also done in some hunting regions of Texas. You can expect your hunt in Texas to be around 750 pounds with the hunting trophy size scaling up to 25 inches. The hunts are carried out in a hunting ranch which has all the amenities one may desire for in a hunting trip. In texas roan antelope hunting is all about keeping patience and waiting for the right moment to bag this great hunt. You'll guided by highly experience hunting guides with local and international level hunting experience. The hunting season to bag a great roan trophy hunt in Texas is year round and their hunting is done throughout every season. You can hunt the roan antelope in Texas with any of the hunting methods:

  • Stalking: a traditional hunting method

  • Bow Hunting: hunting with a bow

  • Rifle Hunting: hunting with a rifle

  • Pistol Hunting or Handgun Hunting

  • Hunting from blinds: another tradition hunting method where you hunt from blinds

  • Safari: a famous hunting method practised in South Africa

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Basic Info

Scientific name: Hippotragus equinus

Size: height: 140 cm

Weight: 270 kg

Lifespan: 17 years

Methods: Bow hunting, Hunting from a blind, Safari, Driven big game, Highseat, Stalking,

Continent(s): Western, eastern and southern Africa

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