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Used for variety of game, bow hunting brings the hunter back to the years before the bullet. Either by traditional bow systems or a compound bow using the latest hunting technologies, bow hunting is a true test of primitive hunting.

Bow hunting is a method of hunting not only used by primitive survivalists looking to get back to their roots. It is highly effective in taking down the largest, toughest game with today's latest hunting technologies. Many hunters turn to bow hunting when the rifle season is over- or when rifle hunts cease to be a challenge for them. Compound bows bring a hunters' strength into a condensed, compacted bow that releases an arrow on quick command. Recurve and longbows are also used to take down game, both big and small, with more traditional bow hunting techniques. Finding the right, ideal bow is very much up to the individual. Either way, each style is effective, so long as the hunter is well in-tune with their bow. Bow hunting requires a serious dedication of time learning the bow, practicing on archery targets and building up strength and accuracy to drive the arrow home on an exciting bow hunting trip. Special arrows are essential for bow hunting. Different styles are used for different game; to penetrate various thicknesses of skin. Like all hunts, hunting with a bow requires many hours studying up on the game and planning how to effectively drop a trophy. Learning how to bow hunt is never a wasted skill. Be ready for a new addiction when you pull that taught, aggressive string for the first time! Bow-Hunting is a popular country pursuit and hunting technique which is widely accepted and practised in almost every hunting country.

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