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Binga - Take Aim Safaris

The owner says

Take Aim Safaris is South African hunting at its absolute best on a property that offers you a fair chase hunt with no breeding camps, no ear tags, no colour variants and no canned/pseudo hunting. I would go as far as to say that hunting in South Africa does not get better than this, in fairness there are of course other good hunting areas in this wonderful country, we are right up there with the best of them. We welcome your enquiry and stand by to deliver the best of the best South African safari experience.


Location: ake Aim Safaris is a renowned hunting outfitters based in South Africa offering hunting safaris in diverse landscapes of South Africa and Zimbabwe.

About your host at Binga - Take Aim Safaris: Carl Knight, Owner and Professional Hunter. I live in Johannesburg South Africa and have done so all my life. I have hunted South Africa and Zimbabwe extensively over the last 30 years as I write this in October 2017 I am 44 years old. I offer clients from all over the world bookings into top Zimbabwean and South African big game hunting concessions based on the strength of the area for the species that the client wishes to hunt, for instance some areas are better for Elephant than others same goes for Lion, Buffalo and Leopard etc.This company was started by a hunter with a passion for hunting, for conservation and a love for this industry, that same person still runs this company, that passion remains.

­­­­­­Hunting experience at Binga - Take Aim Safaris: Binga is situated on Lake Kariba and is the perfect place to hunt elephant, hippo and crocodile, our success rate is 100% on both hippo and croc and has been so for the last few years. The area is also very good for elephant, both tuskless and bulls. Our lodge is a very comfortable 4 star plus lodge and is well suited to family hunting holidays or hunter groups. 4 Meter plus Crocodiles are a realistic expectation for every hunter visiting our concession, plus big Hippo bulls are in abundance. Tiger fishing is a also a big attraction to the area. Binga is a 3 hour drive from Victoria Falls international airport, no charter flights are necessary to hunt Binga. Click here for quick link country guide.

Planning your trip to Binga - Take Aim Safaris

Upcoming availability: Please contact the host for more information.

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Accommodation: Our lodge is a very comfortable 4 star plus lodge and is well suited to family hunting holidays or hunter groups. Please contact the host to book your accommodation.

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