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Best Driven Hunts in Spain: Monterias, the Spanish tradition of hunting, are for adrenaline seekers of a more engaging and connecting shoot for boar and deer alike.

When highseating is failing, and a one man stalk is not enough, it is time to mix stationary and mobile hunting techniques. Driving big game is a method of hunting used for a variety of species. Deer, bison, antelope, boar, bush-pig and many, many more species are successfully hunted with strategic drives. Experienced drivers know where to push, and where to hold; dividing drivers from shooters, also known as standers, to best sift through the landscape for the game. Guns wait in a designated area for the game to come to them, followed by the beaters tailing behind. Not only are driven hunts extremely successful, they offer hunters an experience to step deep into a wild, uncomplicated landscape, far away from busy streets and city traffic and bring out their instinctive moves with fellow hunters. Though you may not be in a tribe, the atmosphere certainly feels that way; each person must contribute to this hunt, otherwise it goes belly up- and we're not talking about the quarry here. Used all over the world, driven big game is a big card in a hunter's hand of effective hunting methods.

Basic Info

For driven big game you will need a fast reloading, high-powered rifle or shotgun (slugs), either a lever action, semi-automatic or double, or express rifle. Scopes specific to short distance shooting with or without red-dotted sights are also recommended, allowing hunters to shoot quickly and effectively at a close range. The choice of calibre depends on the game but most popular calibres are .30-06 , .300 win Mag, 8mm and 9,3mm.