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Hunting trips in Belgium: known for

a prime location for wild driven boar and fishing, amongst them Trout , Barbell and Grayling.


Belgium is a country in Europe and is well-famed for its gothic towns and european architecture. Belgium is home to many sight-seeings and fascinating view points which makes the travelling experience of the visitor even better. The Grand Place, Mannekan Pis, Atomium and Mini-Europe are some of the must view visiting places here.

Hunting in Belgium

Belgium is known for offering the finest boar hunting experience in its diverse landscape and beautiful terrain. It’s hard to pick from the northern flatlands of marsh to the southern emerald forests of Belgium. Through the thrlling view and trails of bush and dense flora, wild boar thrives, making driven shooting experience the most praised hunting option here in Belgium, Europe. Trotting or sprinting between the tree trunks of pines, they snuff and grunt rustling past. Their muscle bearing bodies lunge themselves forward at impressive speeds, providing a gripping fast-paced explosive shoot. More commonly over to the north, passing pigeons engage with unpredictable flight paths and wild pheasants flutter and scatter, cartridges will hit the ground in pairs.

Fishing in Belgium

A long cultural heritage and privacy lies beyond the waterworks of Belgium, making it a prime location for fishing. In Ardennes, anglers find their choice from trout, and barbell to grayling among others - they jitter under the surface of agitated rivers. Looping and lancing the hook on the immensity of the belgian waters view is a granted catch with places like Bambois, where waterlilies mask massive schools of pike or carp which reproduces in bulk. The waters of Belgium offers a great fishing experience to the angler and fascinate the hunter/angler to travel here again. Belgium luckily arrays a strong and steady variety of big game, bird and fishing, making it a balanced destination for any hunter and sending him back home with a great Europe hunting and fishing experience and memories for life-time!

Places to travel in Belgium

This ancient country of Europe, Belgium has some of the best towns and sights to pay a visit to, thereby making your Europe trip an unforgettable experience. 

  • Brussels: The city of Brussels is the Capital of Belgium. The city is well-known for its ancient architecture and cultural heritage. The hotels and delicious food of Brussels will leave you with a great staying experience. If you plan to travel Brussels, Belgium, Europe in future, then travel during the months of December, January and February. Reason being you'll get to experience the christmas markets: one of the most insighted events here. Some must places of Brussels are: Mini-Europe, Atomium, Manneken Pis and Grand Place. The Atomium sculpture offers great panaromic views, the Mini- Europe miniature park depicts miniature replications of European monuments and the Manneken Pis is a great sculpture you should visit when you travel to Brussels. 

  • Antwerp: Antwerp is a port city settled on River Scheldt, Belgium. The city lets you experience and leave you surprise at the same time by its Diamond District houses, Renaissance Architecture and Old Town. If you travel here you can visit many great destinations like: Antwerp Zoo, Cathedral of Out Lady and Rubenshuis. All of them are some of the finest places and sight view of Belgium, Europe.

  • Ghent: Just like Antwerp, Ghent is a port city situated in northwest Belgium. If you want to experience the true culture hub of Europe, then we highly recommend you to travel this great city. Port views, museums and beautiful architecture complete this city in every sense.

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