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Stalking, Bowhunting

Backcountry bear hunting: some of the hardest, most intense days of your life the world has to offer.

Oceans of pine meet the biggest, most spectacular skies to serve as a backdrop on this special type of hunt, performed throughout the world's best bear country.

From the first steps of an early reconnaissance hike to bringing the bear out of the woods, everyone in the party is full of a tingling excitement and adrenaline. Bear hunting does not exclude the test of patience; taking a lot of glassing, waiting, and tracking.

However, everyone agrees: days on a hunt for one of the world's biggest predators bring great stories home, though always impossible to describe.

Good bear country is full of indicators, a flurry of big warning signs such as dead tree damage, ripped open from a territorial bear, claws or rub marks on trees, prominent fresh tracks, a recent kill, and fresh scat. Having the courage and understanding of how unpredictable a bear hunt is, plunging deep into a king's territory, tracking the massive ruler takes a lot of mental strength and is a purifying experience.

Basic Info

Varieties: Black Bear, Brown Bear, Alaskan Brown Bear, Amur Brown Grizzly Bear, Himalayan Bear, Polar Bear

Scientific name: Ursidae

Size: height: 0.7 – 2 m

Weight: 100 – 600 kg

Lifespan: 22 years

Methods: Bow hunting, Hunting from a blind, Driven big game, Highseat, Stalking

Continent(s): North America, Eurasia, Antarctica